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It's been a long journey to start my company from my bedroom to now becoming one of the largest freebies and deal platforms in the UK. He said that ways in which they had disrupted the sampling industry included creating a WhatsApp group with more than 30, members and a Facebook messenger group that reached more than 50, people.

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Deepak said his plans for next year are for the companies to grow further, with a view to branching out to the United States and Canada in the year after. Log in Register. Toggle navigation.

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  4. Picture: Deepak Tailor Archant. An entrepreneur has received an award recognising the latest achievements of two companies that he first started in his Ilford bedroom. Email this article to a friend To send a link to this page you must be logged in. The logo for the Paris Olympic Games is either fittingly stylish or gallingly stereotypical, depending on your tolerance for romantic whimsy.

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    But it is at least pleasing to look at, if not a little too pleasing for some — freelance journalist Megan Clement, having created a satirical Parisian girl character for the emblem, complained it was getting a little too much male attention in her Twitter mentions. The same probably will not be true of the prospective new crests circulated to fans of Premier League strugglers Watford last week. Watford will not make a change unless a majority of supporters back one option or another — but any one of them would have terrifying implications for the design of hitherto cuddly mascot Harry the Hornet.

    A Facebook page has also been registered, along with Twitter and Instagram accounts, suggesting either something quite substantial or a Mayweather obsessive with a web design portfolio to pad out.

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    I think a lot of people who bought into teams, not the esports themselves, had no idea how bad a business it was, no idea. Is it growing? A lot of people are trying to raise more money, and valuations are going down. Sponsorship of the player of the match trophy at any tournament can be associated with some fairly rote post-match branding work.

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    But Rugby World Cup sponsor Mastercard has done something interesting with its unique laser-etched mementoes on each award. Not yet released: viewing figures for trial screenings of the race on Twitch in Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.