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It does not matter in that respect either way. Persistence and tenacity and the willingness to continue to call back is the only thing that works. By the way , this is not really capitalism when they are subsidized by the government and then take advantage of being a monopoly.

Believe me they need watching and most of these companies operate in the same unscrupulous manner. Please filed complaint or participate in a class action suit as it is the only way. They do not care about one little person one at a time complaining about their bad conduct. This is a systemic in Comcast and other similar companies. According to Clark Howard, consumer advocate in Atlanta, we pay the highest price for Internet than any bigger and other western county.

We think we are getting deals but even at their lowest packages these are not deals and it is not how the free enterprise system works since there are a lot of legal obstacles for competitors to enter the same market.. If we had a true free market in the realm of ISPs, Comcast would not be as powerful as it is. Allowing mergers with companies like Time Warner Cable only exacerbates the problem.

If nothing else, they will come out and fix it and let you pay it out, whatever the extra cost is. Another option may be to have an outside repairman come to your home, for maybe less. Sorry to hear that you are having such a hard time, Bessie. Did you try the suggestions that Larry and Lee made? I went through the whole Comcast deal as everyone else here has.

I was paying about a month for cable internet DVR and HBO then all the sudden my bill went to overnight then to To make a long story short I cancelled my service but comcast continued billing me. They did not fix the overbilling until i found out it got sent to collections and called in less than happy. After literally 30 plus calls to get this fixed with no progress they finally fixed it.

This ordeal took about 5 months all the while I had no cable or internet and vowed never to Have Comcast again. About 2 months after all this a Salesman came to my house and i told him the story and he was wasting his time. I paid Plus dollar credit after 30 days. Then they screwed up my bill the first month so i got another 50 dollar credit.

Point of my story is they do have the ability to offer good deals after you work your way through all the junk they try to push on you. Another thing is I ask a hundred questions and I will always ask questions that they already have given me answers or info about and 9 times out of 10 i get different or conflicting answers from the same person. Sometimes i have taken it as far as telling the service rep i only want yes or no answers because they want to avoid the question and work around the answer never actually answering it.

I have gotten good results doing this, Most of the Comcast reps just tell you want you want to hear to get you off the phone and move on as fast as possible. I fear that it will only get worse with the recent acquisition of TWC. One thing I would like to add. I had so many problems with Comcast and had to call so many times. Seemed like it was always me figuring out there errors.

I finally told them one time you guys might as well start paying me as much time i have to spend on the phone with you figuring out what Comcast did wrong. The lady i was talking to actually gave me a credit. Like most things, you have to take matters into your own hands. If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

At least not for a while. I just wish there was more that could be done. Sure I can post comments about how much Comcast service is less than par but it seems nothing can be done. Nothing really changes when I call to other than I learn how to better deal with Comcast. When it should be the other way around and to make it worse cable companies essentially have a monopoly. In my area I can either get comcast or verizon. Comcast is much more affordable but obviously I dont much care for there business practices.

On the otherhand verizon has all around better service.

Comcast to include Netflix in cable bundles

I tried satellite but the installer wanted me to cut down 60 ft tall trees. I feel your pain. If a company existed that could provide equal speeds, I would switch in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, no other options exist in my area, and Comcast seems to eat up other companies by the day. Hopefully, something changes soon. Just got my bill cut in half! It definitely pays to be polite and pleasant when calling. How does that feel? Congratulations, Elle! Just remember to mark the expiration date of the deal in your calendar so you can call back and go through the same process again.

Why do you feel entitled to a lower rate for faster service? Do you negotiate you rent or mortgage because the one down the road is cheaper? Do you negotiate any of your other utilities? Internet is more than just internet now. Xbox etc…. Technology is lowering the cost of many products and services. We have competition in our state for electricity providers so you can pick a lower-cost provider if you wish. No, Ms. If we are cheap shits, then you, charming lady, are an unpleasant case of diarrhea. Thanks for the comment!

I always enjoy a lively debate.

To answer your questions… Yes, I negotiate my rent. Yes, I negotiate my utilities [by choosing less expensive providers]. But I go many steps further. I negotiate my credit card APRs. I negotiate my credit card limits. I negotiate my car insurance. I negotiate everything. Remember, if it has a price, it is negotiable.

If a company accepts your offer for a product or service, then the product or service is worth that amount. The buyer determines the price, not the seller. If more people were sick of negotiating every 6 months with Comcast or actually paying excessive amounts of money for there service, there costumers would be better off. I just canceled service with Comcast. I just switched to Uverse after many years of Comcast. They offered me a great promotion because they just added fiber to my building.

Hopefully, I never need to use Comcast again. For the second time in 2 weeks, I tried to lower my triple play, but no go. I first tried to get the price down over the phone, transferred several times and finally to the manager on duty, but still would not budge. Then a week later, today, I tried over the internet, transferred to the manager on duty and still would not budge. Said they will put me on a list, that if a promotional package came up that I qualified for they would contact me. I have been a customer of comcast for over 30 years, you think that would be worth something.

If I change companies, which I told them I would, because verizon is offering You may be in a contract where you agree to use their service for a promotional rate typically months and then their regular rates for the following same period of time. That said, if you can negotiate a lower price — more power to you.

I was in the same thing and negotiated a much lower rate after my contract was up. For now, you may want to consider creating a personal email address with Gmail, Yahoo, etc. From there, forward all Comcast emails to the new email address and save the email addresses in your address book. As for your email archive, you may be able to download all of your Comcast emails to a hard drive as a backup.

Let me know how this works for you. I have a few questions if anyone knows. I use Comcast from time to time, but end up canceling and then taking advantage of another special anywhere from a few months to a couple years. So my negating strategy sucks because Comcast knows I like to save money by taking a break for periods of months or longer. Also I live in a remote area that there is no other providers other than Satellite and my house faces too many trees to consider.

So I would like to know about getting tv and net and possible phone if the cost is reasonable. Comcast does not offer any services for low income so I do not know what to expect for 3 services for a whole year. Its just like heating in winter. I keep my cost low because I turn everything off and come home late at night to a 39 degree house and put on 3 sweatshirts and 3 blankets.

I only use heat on my days off at home. Thank you. Given your cost requirements, I doubt that you will find a deal for that little money. Comcast will only negotiate so far. You may want to look at data packages for a cell phone. In a lot of cases, you can use a smart phone as a wi-fi router. So you get rid of your landline phone completely, switch to a smartphone, and pay for monthly cell phone service instead.

The only real downside is that streaming movies from a smartphone kills data, so that is something to consider. It may also be flaky depending on coverage in your area. Comcast did not stick to the last deal they made with me. They ended it at the end of one year and played dumb. I unfortunatelly need to purchase the Internet here in Washington and Comcast is wired throughout my building already. I called today and I was on the phone for 45 minutes with a man who was clearly trained to repeat everything I said for the taped recording.

Such a waste of time. I finally had to end the call as I needed to continue on with my day. Not of interest to me. Who knows what the initial total would have been. He was too busy repeating my questions to ever answer them. But I will be damned if I pay the first price they quote me. Any help here, John. Do you have to have TV my son has 7. Do you need high-performance internet access?

Is DSL from the phone company an option? Some DSL lines go up to 15 mbps which might be enough for your needs. Is WiFi sharing with a neighbor an option? They have an online chat option as well which might be a little more convenient than using your phone. As always, Michael has some really good ideas.

Michael is also on point in suggesting that you share a WiFi connection with one of your neighbors. Aside from that, how much do you really use the Internet at home? If you are not a heavy Internet user which I doubt given that you are commenting on a blog , you may want to consider using your smartphone as a WiFi hotspot.

You could also get a mobile hotspot from any cell phone provider. It is not an ideal solution but neither is Comcast. What worries me about Comcast is the the way they gobble up other companies. Time Warner Cable was not a small company. I hope I am wrong, but I suspect that Comcast will continue buying competitors until it truly owns the entire market. From there, they will likely throttle the hell out of the Internet and make it prohibitively expensive to get decent Internet.

Same deal with wireless companies. Hopefully, Google Fiber is ready soon. One interesting thing about Comcast is that they are rolling out a WiFi hotspot network. They have done this with many small businesses in my area and their next phase is to roll it out into residential installations. This is something that could potentially decrease cellular bandwidth consumption or it could provide a family member with free WiFi if they live near one of these hotspots. There is some talk about them wanting to become a cellular service provider augmented by this WiFi network.

That would make them a direct competitor to Verizon which currently does landline, cellular and television. Brave new world. Starbucks is migrating to Google Fiber and the rollout is underway.

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I like the idea of having a mobile hotspot to go with your plan. Unfortunately, that is not offered in my area. Plus, I just switched service providers. Moving into cellular service would be a good move for Comcast assuming they get their customer service under control on existing products and services.

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I recently heard that you can buy a Ipad with wifi and also use it to run your lap top or desk top if you set it up near it. I have an HP ,all in one touch screen, desk top and like the screen size for a lot of things and the larger key board for typing. This way, I could be through with all of these corrupt companies and their schemes and maybe have no charges each month.

Do you know about this? I do not know,but maybe Surface Pro can offer the same thing with a larger screen and snap on keyboard. Comcast relies on the tendency of people to pick the default action—nothing. People tend to do nothing unless moved by a significant force. If we had to consciously write a check every month, we would notice a lot faster. I just got a call from Comcast and hey offered to cut my past due amount in half Left from their overcharges when they dropped my plan early if I made a payment today.

They have nothing to lose as they billed for amounts not agreed to and now they come off as the hero.

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Their recording now claims to give you a superior customer service experience. Comcast customers, another quick way to save in the long run is to buy your own modem. You can buy it new or used of Ebay or Amazon. Cost me Check with Comcast. Done so for 6 years now. Great article, I even got a tip off it. Always aim high, you will save one way or the other. Calling back if you get a tough c.

Years ago it was all verbal. Always go for a year promo. See, ex. Of starting high. Almost everything with a dollar sign is neg. Keep track on a calendar like John said. Watch those dates, Comcast is sneaky with when promos start and end. ALSO, try neg. With online reps too. I would always recommend buying the device over renting it, especially if you plan on keeping the service for a long time as you will pay more over the long haul in renting. Thanks for mentioning this suggestion.

I totally forgot about it. You are completely right. Thanks for sharing! Buying your own modem is a great way to save money over the long-term. It all adds up faster than we realize. What people need to realize is that even a little effort goes a long way in negotiation. Know that you can win and go for the throat.

I found your emails interesting but missing much.. I have logged around hours in my dealings with Comcast. This is due to transfers, dropped calls, wrong department etc. They are set up so that no department overlap. On line chat cannot help with anything that was initiated on the phone and vise versa.

Xfinity Double Play Deals

No matter who you talk to or what department, they will not tell you that they cannot help you or answer a simple yes or no question until you have spent at least an hour with them answering the same questions over and over again in the same phone call with the same person or with multiple people. And by the way it does not matter is you are nice or nasty. The 12 months would be up in October. By the way I have verified the 24 month with 12 month renewal in most conversations that I have had with them.

This is a company that makes it money by fraud and in my case wire fraud and a bait and switch con. They get by with this because most people let it go because of the hassle of dealing with them and will decide to accept some small concession instead of what they are entitled to. None of their people are allowed to make any significant decisions and there is no one available that can.

How to Lower your Comcast Bill Price (XFinity TV & Internet Negotation)

Most people will give up long before they get a plan like mine and long before they get it reinstated. I will not! I am ready to do what it takes in filing official complains and pursuing a class action suit to punish this company for its greed and corruption. Apparently the federal trade commission and the FCC has no interest in monitoring this company and assuring fair business practices for this monopoly. Cellular data plans are far more expensive on a GB basis but you get the convenience of having access while driving, on the train or on the go.

Having access to both is nice. I appreciate the information. I would be very curious to see the response if a group of people filed a class action lawsuit against Comcast for its business practices. If justice was served, they would take a significant financial hit. I just called Comcast to get my bill lowered. I actually wanted to add a couple of premium channels to my existing tier so I knew the chance of getting the bill lowered were slim.

I called and followed the I want to disconnect my service prompts. You don't usually need to find an Xfinity sale to grab some great deals. Let your friends know how much you love Xfinity internet and cable and you'll both benefit. Anyone who signs up with your personal referral code will score a nice thank you from the company and you'll get some serious cash.

The provider makes it easy to stay on track financially while you're in school, so it offers money-saving student discounts. To get started, click on the Student Offers link and provide information about you and your school. After you complete the sign-up process, you'll be able to see the service's available Xfinity offers for students. To get your questions answered by live chat, open a live chat connection from the Contact Customer Service link. You can also schedule a time for a customer service representative to give you a call.

Click on the Get Help and Support link at the bottom of the home page and follow the prompts. How was your experience? Be the first to let us know and submit a review. Slickdeals Coupons Xfinity. Be notified instantly for Xfinity deals Add Deal Alert. We suggest you audit the channels you frequent the most and comparing that to the traditional TV packages available at your address. This service allows Xfinity subscribers to access hundreds of live channels, on-demand titles, and DVR recordings on mobile devices.

With over live channels, Xfinity Stream is a difference maker for those are looking to watch on the go. For those who care more about their recordings and on-demand titles, the app also gives subscribers the ability to download shows to watch at a later time when you might not have access to WiFi or cellular data. Other providers, especially satellite TV companies like Dish and DirecTV, offer the same deals to customers everywhere.

That makes it easier to comparison shop and understand the provider's options. Before settling on Xfinity, enter your ZIP code to find the particular deals available to your address. These numbers are a measure of customer experience regarding factors like picture quality, signal reliability, call center service, website navigating, billing communication, channel selection, and overall staff courtesy.

Essentially, there is no difference. Comcast formed the term Xfinity to refer to its consumer services like internet, TV, and phone. But the terms are used pretty interchangeably, even by Comcast itself. Like many other providers, Comcast is slowly rolling out fiber-optic service to large cities.

Fiber-optic cables have to be physically built out in each neighborhood it services, so it can be a slow-going and expensive process.

XFINITY From Comcast Deals: TV, Internet, and Phone Bundles

Enter your address on Xfinity's site to see if fiber tech is available at your address. Not for much longer. For a long time, Comcast owned a third of Hulu and held several board seats. Once that happens the process could take five years , the Walt Disney Company will own Hulu completely. Home TV Provider. All products and services mentioned on Reviews.