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All our broadband plans come with unlimited data with no usage caps or download limits. Unlike some broadband providers, we never slow you down - even at peak times. Our smartest, most powerful router yet. Designed to give you a stronger, more reliable WiFi signal.

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Best for keeping small households connected with basic browsing and streaming. Plus 5GB mobile data for your EE pay monthly plan every month.

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Check your speeds Prices may change during your contract. Great for families, so everyone can be online at once and do more across multiple devices. Perfect for HD streaming, downloading and gaming simultaneously on multiple devices. Plus 20GB mobile data for your EE pay monthly plan every month. Find out more about this offer. Find out more about call add-ons. It couldn't be easier to join us. You can usually keep your phone number. If you provide us with your existing phone number when you're completing your order online, we'll let you know.

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The more people clicking on a deal - especially if they then buy it - the higher it is in our tables. Sponsored deals are not factored in when sorting by popularity. The powerful octa-core processor with a main frequency up to 2. It has the hardware necessary to communicate with a network but without the ability to place calls. USB dongles are the cheapest and most common type of mobile broadband dongle.

Telitec, keeping you connected.

They look like memory sticks, and simply slot into a USB port on desktops and laptops. Mobile Wi-Fi dongles also called pocket Wi-Fi or MiFi broadcast a local wireless network signal which allows multiple devices to connect to the mobile broadband. Some Wi-Fi dongles are also specifically designed for use in vehicles - as well as a battery allowing for portability they can plug into the charging socket of a car.

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Wi-Fi dongles are very flexible as anything which supports Wi-Fi such as tablets, iPads and games consoles can connect to them. If you only need mobile broadband access on a single desktop or laptop computer and have no intention of sharing the connection, a USB dongle is perfectly sufficient. It is significantly faster than 3G, and 4G coverage is improving all the time.

Check network coverage before buying mobile broadband. You can do this using the official network coverage check tools, which will show signal strength and the type of network 3G or 4G across the UK. Click the network logos to access these tools:. Speeds may drop outside of priority data allowance For heavy users who use a superfast connection for High Quality HD video through multiple devices.

Choose payment method. Thanks for your payment. Our Packages Satellite Satellite broadband has changed.


Average speeds starting at 12Mbps, increasing to 36Mbps. Unlimited data. Subject to fair use policy. Average speeds starting at Who We Are We are the connectors. Get connected. Why Choose bigblu? Peace of mind 14 days risk-free guarantee. M Lewis.

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