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From 5 star average reviews from users on Trip Advisor to 7. The lowest rating was from users on Yelp with a 3. If you are interested in trying the service it is definitely worth contacting them to see if you can get a discount on an initial order to appraise quality. Ion focuses on organic ingredients that are low in fat, gluten-free, dairy free and nutrient dense.

Nothing better than the way nature intended! Meal options include breakfast, lunch and dinner options and provide variety as they menu is changed on a weekly basis offering a wide variety of culinary genres for subscribers. They update their website on a weekly basis with the new menu for the week with a full description of the ingredients.

Needless to say Ion brings much needed global flavors to the fitness-meal industry which all too often get carried away with bland white proteins and rice combinations. Deliveries are made fresh across the country via well-insulated containers so they arrive fresh and ready to be heated and eaten. You can store meals in your freezer if you do not plan to consuming them within a couple days of their delivery. Prices vary depending on the diet type and number of meals per day you want. Diet types include original, protein, paleo, and vegetarian.

Each diet type can then be ordered from as little as 1 meal per day up to 4 meals per day. Reviews from fitness bloggers and social media influencers are generally quite positive, most highlighting the flavor and quality of the meals. Discounts can be had via various approved fitness blogger, vloggers and social media influencers. Coupons are specific to the issuer so it may take a little searching to find a verifiable blogger with a valid code. Ionutrition also offers their own occasional discounts via their Facebook page, including things like summers sales and other seasonal promotions.

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MegatFit Meals was created in with the sole purpose of providing clean meals for serious athletes looking to dial in their macros to the nearest ounce. MegaFit is one of the most serious athlete-centric meal delivery companies on this list, and only one of two that actively sponsors professional bodybuilders.

Olympia champion Jay Cutler and six-time Mr. Olympia Flex Lewis as two of your team athletes you have a quality product.

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Additional team members include professional diet coaches, trainers, and competition prep coaches. All recognize MegaFit as a leader in the dedicated sport of bodybuilding nutrition. Meals come pre-portioned with all the carbs, proteins and vegetables you need to fulfill the serious dietary requirements of a dedicated bodybuilder.

MegaFit delivers all across the continental United States fresh. Meals can be frozen and consumed later if ordering bulk since there are zero preservatives used and thus the meals should be eaten within days if not frozen. Meals are packed with dry ice to guarantee freshness through delivery to your doorstep. Delivery dates can be customized when setting up your meal plan on their website. Well, Jay Cutler has been filmed endorsing them on Youtube, so what other opinions does a bodybuilder need?

The brand has also been recommended via fitness bloggers and online coaches. We could not find any aggregate reviews so we will continue looking for user feedback to update this section. MegaFit Meals does offer discount codes, usually for seasonal or holiday related promotions like Halloween or Christmas. Not only does Icon Meals provide a wide variety of nutritious and tasty meal plan options they also take great care in providing a top-quality service, from kitchen to doorstep.

The quality begins with the ingredients. Much like other gourmet meal delivery services Icon focuses on fresh, quality ingredients like fresh meats, whole grains, and nutrient packed fruits and vegetables. They also offer unique options like The Beyond Burger, which is a plant-based burger that has 20 grams of protein , zero soy or gluten, zero GMOs, zero antibiotics, and is hormone free.

Professional athletes and bodybuilders take their diets more strict than almost anyone, so for this many big names to get behind a meal delivery company is a big thing. There are breakfast options, lunch options, snack options like high proteign peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and of course filly dinner options ranging from salmon and saffron rice to Hawaiian Kobe beef pattys with swiss cheese and bacon to bacon wrapped shrimp with white rice and purple cabbage and squash. Icon Meals ships to all 50 states including Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico, one of the only fitness-focused meal prep companies to do so.

They can do this because they use custom-made 1-inch thick insulated coolers packed with dry ice for all deliveries, ensuring freshness upon delivery. You can also get meals ordered to hotels so you can stick to your diet even when traveling or competing on the road! The company is based out of Frisco Texas so they also offer direct pickup from their kitchen as well as a select few gyms and retail locations across Texas.

You can also get a completely custom meal by selecting your desired protein source, protein size, amount of carbs, carb serving size, veggetable type and vegetable serving size. Nobody else offers this granular level of customization which is very impressive and should be very attractive to professional bodybuilders and athletes.

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Like with a few other delivery companies you can also order whole protein sources by the pound, including beef, chicken, turkey, steak, bison, cod, salmon and BRISKET! Aside from the professional endorsements, which already say a lot, there is a plethora of user and blogger reviews on Icon Meals. They have a solid reputation on bodybuilding forums and a satisfying 4. Icon Meals does offer the occasional discount if you sign up for their newsletter.

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There are also athlete-specific promo codes they can use to promote the brand to their audiences and followings so you probably want to up your social media game if you want access to those. Meal Delivery readers! The company has been featured on Good Morning America, has stores as far as Kuwait, and has been featured as one of the best burgers in all of Las Vegas. From their all-natural chicken, frequent use of superfoods like quinoa, avocado, spinach and kale, to expensive but healthy omega-3 packed shrimp, down to brown rice over white rice they have their macros dialed in tight.

Meal plans include healthy and filling salad options, wraps, pastas, and meat-filled bowls. Muscle Maker Grill has locations all around America and can deliver fresh to your door. View More for Product Type. Brand Pure Protein Premier Protein MusclePharm 9. Six Star 8. Vega 7. CytoSport 6. Walgreens 6.

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