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This means that prizes are instantly awarded when users register for the promotion. Next you will see a window with the different types of prizes that you can create.

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The prize will be assigned on registration, and there are a total of 25 units of this prize so there will be up to 25 winners. Continue to step 2. Once you have created a prize, it will be displayed on the prizes page within the Editor. Click on the pencil icon to edit more details of the prize:. For promotions with automatic prizes for registering, the prize is displayed directly on the "Thank you" page, which appears when the user has completed the registration process.

By default, the prize will be shown in a pop-up over the "Thank you" page. This tab sets out the the options for personalizing the design of the pop-up. You can set up the following options:. Message to winner : you can write a message to the user. This will be displayed in the pop-up window. Image to winner : you can add an image to make the pop-up more attractive. You could also use an animated GIF, or even a video. Short description : this is the description which you wrote when you first created the prize.

You can edit it at this point, if you wish. Instructions : if you need to add more details about the prize - for example, how to redeem the promotional code, or an expiry date - use this field. Text to encourage winner to share : you can edit the text which accompanies the social Share buttons.

Open pop-up automatically when accessing the Thank you page : when a user wins a prize upon registration, this pop-up can be automatically displayed over the Thank you page.

Implementing Your Own Coupon System for Standalone Charges

Background image : Upload a background image that will be shown underneath the winner's pop-up. We recommend dimensions of px by px, and an image that makes the pop-up stand out! Background color : you can define a background color to be shown underneath the pop-up. This is the content that will be shown when winners share their prizes on social media. You can customize the messages that will be shared on Facebook, Twitter and instant message applications. These enable the user to download the coupon or code in PDF format, or receive it by email.

Name of prize : This field will be used as internal reference for the prize when you're managing the promotion. It will also appear as the title on the winners page. Short description : This will appear as the description of the prize on the winners page. You can outline the main characteristics of the prize here.

Units : Indicate how many units of this prize you are offering. You must indicate the number of coupons or codes you want to distribute among participants. If you want to give every participant a coupon, you can set the units to "unlimited". Do you want this prize to be a promotional code?

Users will receive the code automatically by participating in the promotion. This code can be the same for everyone or different and unique for each participant. You can enable the "Validation Portal" if you want a tool to validate the codes in your points of sale. Example : You have an online store and you have your own system of discount codes. In this way, when registering in the promotion, each participant will be assigned a different discount code that can be used and redeemed at the time of making your purchase in your online store to apply the discount.

Do you need to be able to validate the prizes physically in a shop or store with guarantees? With this option, the system will automatically encode each prize in alphanumeric code format and also in QR format, so that you can use the "Validation Portal" to validate prizes in a safe, reliable, agile way and without fraud at the point of sale.

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  4. Example : You want to distribute a coupon to all users who register online in your promotion. Users can redeem this coupon for a free entry in your store, presenting the printed coupon. With the "Validation Portal" you can scan the QR with a scanner or insert the prize code, and the system will show you the information of the prize and the participant, and the system will automatically validate the prize.

    Below we detail how you can configure the field "Do you want this prize to be a promotional code? Does this prize have downloadable content? Premium users can completely customize the PDF, including unique alphanumeric codes, QR code validation, and customizable layout, texts, images, rectangles and lines. In the "Statistics" section, you can check how many times each prize PDF has been downloaded. The system automatically records each time a user downloads the prize.

    More information about prize download statistics. Note : Prize download statistics are available for Premium and White Label promotions only. By default, the prize is automatically assigned to all users who register in the promotion. But the Conditions setting allows you to assign prizes based on specific criteria.

    For example, you could give the prize only to users who choose a specific option in a drop-down list in the entry form. Here are some examples of conditions that you can apply:. This feature is available for Premium and White Label promotions only. If you want to create a very large codeset, you must add codes in batches of 20, with a maximum limit of 2 million. Add the codes by copying and pasting them directly into the corresponding field, one code per line.

    Once you have created the codeset, the next step is to configure the distribution of codes. If the codes finish : Decide what you want the system to do once all the codes have been distributed:. Type of barcode : The application automatically presents the code in the same format in which it was pre-loaded.

    However, you can choose to display codes in other formats too. The formats currently supported are:. Do codes expire? This option allows you to set an expiration date for the codes you will give in the promotion. This date will be taken into account in the validation through the Validation Portal. Select the codeset that you've just created.

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    The system will now be able to distribute the prize codes among participants:. In the Design menu, you can completely customize the look and feel of the promotion to match your brand, product or service. Discover all the graphic possibilities of the Design module. In this section you can upload legal texts to display them in the promotion. Specifically you can upload the terms and conditions to explain all aspects of the promotion, contest or sweepstakes.

    Additionally you can also upload your privacy policy to explain how and for what purpose you will treat the data of the users that register in the promotion. In Premium and White Label promotions it's also possible to upload your own Cookies policy. Note : Check here how to set up the consent of the legal texts of the promotion. The 'My Networks' module enables you to totally customize the page which users see when they confirm registration. This page is an opportunity to encourage users to visit and follow your social networks. My Networks can be customized for Facebook pages, as well as Twitter, Instagram and Youtube accounts.

    Learn how to do that here. The Footer is a banner which is displayed at the bottom of each screen of the promotion. You can customize the Footer text, or deactivate the Footer if you don't want it. The viral content is the message that will be shown when a participant shares the promotion with friends, or invites them to take part. You can customize the share message for the different social media channels which your followers use. We recommend completing the following sections:.


    This is the default content which is displayed when users share via the buttons on the final page of the promotion. From here you can enable identification with Facebook and Instagram as a way to identify users and decide if you want it to be mandatory for the user to identify with one of these two social networks to participate. You can restrict the promotion for some users.

    Specifically, the platform offers you 2 forms of restriction:. Note: Age restriction is only available for promotions created with the Premium or White Label platform. If you need to communicate with participants during and after the promotion, use this feature to create, customize and send emails. For example, you might need to contact participants for any or all of these reasons:.

    This means you can customize and personalize your emails. You can review the promotion's design at any time with the Preview feature. You'll find the "Go to Preview" button in the header of the Editor, on the right-hand side:. Please bear in mind that the preview is not a functional test.

    This is why, for example, you can click through the pages without filling in required fields. The best method for testing the promotion's functionality is to activate the promotion, but protect it with a password while you try it out privately. We explain how to do that here. Once you have configured every aspect of the promotion to your taste, you can activate it from the management page of the promotion. You can also view billing information and make payments from this page. More information here. However, we have made it FREE for you.

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    Implementing Your Own Coupon System for Standalone Charges

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    About Us. CS Fundamentals. Designed to be fun and engaging, Code. Audience: Elementary students, ages Curriculum length: 6 courses, hours each, optimized for grades K-5 Prior Knowledge: None! Just bring your curiosity Optional professional learning : 1-day workshop, in-person in the US and online globally. CS Discoveries. Computer Science Discoveries is an introductory course that empowers students to engage with computer science as a medium for creativity, communication, problem solving, and fun!

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    Audience: Middle and high school students, grades 6 - 10 Curriculum length: hours, can be taught as a semester or full-year course Prior knowledge: None! Just bring your curiosity. Optional professional learning : Our year-long program includes a 1-week summer workshop, 24 hours' worth of follow up workshops during the academic year, and online support through the Code. Cost to use curriculum: None Languages: English only. CS Principles.

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    Audience: High school students, grades 9 - 12 Curriculum length: hours, should be taught as a full-year course. Prior knowledge: None! Pre-reader Express. This single condensed lesson course covers the core concepts from the kindergarten and first grade courses in CS Fundamentals at an accelerated pace. Audience: Pre-readers, ages Curriculum length: hours Prior knowledge: None! CS Fundamentals: Express. For a lightweight option that can be integrated as a supplemental resource in an existing technology or programming class, or as an after-school program, Code.