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Useful if you want to buy this game and …. Note: The price on …. It has been a while since this has been posted and I reckon it is worth bringing it to the attention of new people on Ozbargain again. Also free on XB1 and …. Just got the price alert for Tales of Vesperia on Amazon. Cheapest copy of it at the moment. Explore underwater environments filled with ….

Was browsing PS Store and came across this price drop. DLC, add-ons, virtual currency, and season passes will still be available. In other words, if you want to keep buying digital versions of PS4 games offline, you can technically still do so by way of virtual currency. It sounds like Sony will be offering increased PSN credit options through some retailers, to support players that want to buy digital deluxe editions and to cover the full cost of a game plus tax when you go to checkout. Here is the full text outlining these changes Sony full game digital codes at retail pic.

There are still some uncertainties here. It looks like GameStop will be responsible for helping preorder customers that opted for a code manage that transition process. The announcement is a bit of bad news for GameStop, which earlier this month announced a new CEO after failing to find a buyer for the business. Its business relies on ongoing cozy relationships with game publishers and console makers like Sony, and those relationships are starting to fray as more video game purchases move to disc-less versions and online storefronts.

The relevance of brick-and-mortar retail for the game industry has largely rested on the marketing perks stores like GameStop can offer, while a fair chunk of purchasing is still done by parents looking for advice and recommendations from in-store associates. Game publishers also see appeasing customers that like to sell back new games and buy used ones as important enough to continue letting companies like GameStop eat into their sales, by raking in used game revenue and taking a cut of physical game sales.

By choosing I Accept , you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Probably a mistake by one of the big retailers and others followed blindly with price matching before they realised what they were doing. Even tho I wouldn't use it, I do agree. I was disappointed with the lite been smaller and lacking features. They need to add glass screen, Bluetooth headphones and forward firing speakers too.

I like the idea of the portable side just I go everywhere by car and have my pc monitor next to it. The times I have used it on holiday however I was impressed. I totally agree, I see no point in the Xbox or PS4 if you've got a decent PC, but the Switch is different, with loads and loads of great exclusives, and the unique portability aspect But where we differ is I wish they launched the opposite a portable only with more power and a massive bezel less p display. Think the OG switch, but no bezel so the display is pushing inches, and Joy Cons that are designed for human hands not flat and awkward with tiny buttons!

Not worth the purchase. The switch whilst extremely underpowered has the exclusive games I want. I wish they released dock only one with more power.

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You're missing the point. Yeah, for how long? Mate, when was the last time you bought something for RRP? RRP is the virtual price the publisher would like to get, oh well, at least the publishers like Activision who are the worst in the industry. They have always been known for being the total rip-offs.

Don't allow them to get ripped off and pay for their new Ferraris.

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I can pay the average price with no hassle though. Nice try Activision. Hope it doesn't sell to well for this price. Same, up and down all the aisles in Smyths, past the switch games we bought him a Switch for his birthday , past the Lego, past all the action figures, beeline to this junk. Well, like you, he has had one now. If he sees the value in it is another thing, we hope he does, but next time it will be like you "NO! I got my lad one last xmas and he played with it for 15mins thats it, crazy how much they cost. It was also his birthday 2 weeks ago he had some money to spend in smyths, he went straight to Ryans World toys asking for an egg fierce we said no I've seen the video of them opening their own egg and they make it look really exciting, when in reality its trash.

Funnily enough, my grandson bought one today it was his birthday money , I was not impressed. Oh and a huge amount of wasteful plastic packaging. I quite liked this. About hours for career mode. I found switching disciplines kept it reasonably fresh- despite the relatively few cars and tracks. I suspect it will drop quickly, these games usually do. I'm the same with CDKeys, hate them, refuse to deal with them, most seem to love them.

It's a shame as they have some great deals. Here's hoping they have listened and improved. Bought tons from them myself over the years and never had an issue, but can appreciate that the problems you have had would have put me off too. Shocking customer service and weird instances of my card being declined. So I just cannot trust them anymore. Their app was never supported and was then deleted. They just don't care if things go wrong. There was a time I wouldn't have used anyone else but they have gone downhill. I finally gave in and got this due to getting a voucher and having no other option.

To my great surprise, I'm really liking it. For the mark it's well worth getting imo, especially with the new Pacific DLC looking good. Just my tuppence worth. Since its launch, the system has attracted hundreds of developers to create titles for gamers to choose from, resulting in a huge array of games. So how do you pick out classics from total failures?

With our help, you can build a formidable PS4 collection without ruining your credit rating. In the ensuing four years or so since the console was launched, some classic titles have come and gone, allowing new owners to build huge libraries of some of the most entertaining experiences in video gaming history. All in all, there have been over 1, separate released for the PS4, including over titles that are only available on the system and not rivals like the Xbox One or PCs.

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It has to be admitted that not all of them have been world winners, but some are truly incredible games. PS4 games are contained on Blu-ray discs that can be purchased in-store or online, and many can also be downloaded from digital platforms like the PlayStation Store. They are linked to your account, so you can play some titles wherever you find a PS4 console as long as you can remember your login details.

After that, developers may schedule updates to iron out bugs and add extra features. However, you can play many old favourites via the PlayStation Now service, and there are some downloadable PS2 games to enjoy as well, with more retro-releases scheduled for the future. This subscription services provides access to extra features for popular games, sneak peeks, beta trials, store discounts and more.

How to buy a digital copy of a PlayStation 4 game for your friend

Since the first titles were released, the range of PS4 games has expanded dramatically. Role Playing Games RPGs — Explore massive game worlds and take control of individuals or bands of heroes as you seek to save the world from an endless supply of dastardly villains. Sport — Sports fans will be delighted by the selection on offer when they fire up their PS4.

You can play football , cricket , rugby , athletics, Australian Rules Football, golf, snooker, try skateboarding, skiing or snowboarding. If you need an adrenaline rush and love to test your military or shooting skills, titles like Rainbow Six , Dark Souls , Watch Dogs , or Hitman will sort you out for months.

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Battle Royale — What begun as a sub-genre of action games has since developed into one of the largest gaming genres available for PS4. In battle royale games, players battle it out against each in an explorable online world to be the last player standing. Platform — One of the most surprising aspects of PS4 gaming has been the resurgence of platform gaming.

Simulations — The PS4 is powerful enough to simulate almost anything. Exceptional simulators for the system include the action racing game Dirt 4 , F1 , and Kerbal Space Program, which recreates the achievement of getting people into space. Some of the finest racers ever have appeared on the system, including Gran Turismo and Driveclub. Puzzle — The PS4 is very well-served by puzzlers, including some genuinely original titles. For instance, Contrast sees you solving conundrums in s Paris with the help of your own shadow, while Escape Plan sees you trying to escape from a series of rooms, often with humorous results.

Fighting — Beat 'em ups never seem to go out of fashion, and the PS4 has plenty of exceptional contenders. From Mortal Kombat and Tekken to Street Fighter , fighting games have come into their own on the PS4 and are some of the most exciting multiplayer experiences on the console.

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This selection of the genres available on the PS4 is not exhaustive. For example, there are some great 2D adventure games to grapple with, some fun educational titles, sandbox-style building games, fitness themed titles as well as games that combine with peripherals to test your musical skills. Uncharted — Another PlayStation classic, the Uncharted series is one of the best. Fallout — Once again a favourite gaming franchise. Bethesda drops players into a post-apocalyptic setting, taking the role of a lone survivor who is mastering different tasks and trying to survive the MMORPG-action.

Bloodborne — An exceptional RPG made by FromSoftware, Bloodborne has some of the most intuitive and satisfying combat ever seen in an adventure game. Sporting a cool cyberpunk graphical style and an engaging storyline, it provides days and days of immersive gameplay. Overwatch — Coming from the legendary studio Blizzard who created Warcraft , Overwatch took gamers by a storm in Rock Star allows players to roam at will around a massive gaming area, doing some classical drive-by shoots or motor vehicle thefts, meeting wacky characters and pursuing their criminal ends.

Battlefield — War games are common on the PS4, and Battlefield is one of the best among them.


The gaming franchise developed by Electronic Arts puts players in the shoes of soldiers from all sides of war conflicts, creating an incredibly realistic atmosphere as well as supplying some thrilling action sequences. Starting out in a classical war setting, it brought in later on a zombie mode which could be the most enjoyable FPS game mode ever. Rocket League — Almost completely original, Rocket League has become a multiplayer legend.

The game sees you take control of a vehicle which aims to knock a massive ball through a ring. Save the world as the title characters by battling all manner of galactic foes and solving fiendish puzzles in a game that is basically pure entertainment. As we noted at the outset, the PS4 has over 1, games. But what if you are buying for younger gamers?

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Here are some PS4 suggestions:. It also has some of the finest music and sound effects on any console. Little Big Planet — Another quirky puzzle platformer with a retro feel, Little Big Planet is perfectly pitched to kids, letting them explore and solve puzzles before graduating to more complex challenges.

What about multiplayer gaming? For instance, the Destiny series is a great FPS with a cooperative mode. The sandbox video game Minecraft lets you build up together with other players a whole new world out of a variety of different blocks in 3D.