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This would be an advantage because in Trivia Crack, you only get 30 seconds to answer a question once the question is shown, to prevent the user from looking up answers.

In addition, in some game modes its not just the number of questions you get correct, but also the amount of time you take to answer, that determines if you win. If I could show the user the question ahead of time, they could obviously answer it much more quickly once Trivia Crack itself shows the question.

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So I figured I had a lead and dug into the details of this request. As you can see above, the response to this request contains the question, the possible answers, and which index in the array of possible answers is the correct answer.

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This means I could request this URL from my own tool and still receive the same question as the Trivia Crack client on Facebook would receive. However, Trivia Crack did not do this, and instead trusts the client. And just like that, Trivia Cracker was born! Check out the source code on GitHub. Subscribe to my blog and follow me on Twitter.

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Yes, is easily to doubt that the game is well programmed and uncheateable when somebody you know is not a super smart guy beat you in seconds.. But anyway, is good to know that somebody else found the bug and not just found it, actually made a chrome extension, lol. But anyway, is good to know that somebody else found the bug and not just found it, actually made a chrome extension, loll.

I was wondering if there was a simple way to add more lives or reduce the wait time, so I can use this method until your chrome extension is updated.

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Very very doubtful. I agree, however if you look at his extension description it says that he will soon be adding infinite lives, powerups and etc. I actually attempted this and was able to manipulate the responses from the Trivia Crack server in real time to contain for the lives, coins, and spins.

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Interesting idea Harris. Hey Joe, awesome article about the behind-the-scenes vulnerabilities of Trivia Crack! Would it be possible to insert your own questions this way? When she presses yes, it would show up as correct. If you already play Trivia Crack, try submitting some questions. You can do this right from the app by clicking on "question factory.

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You might see some questions that have been made by other fans of the game. Go to the left side menu and you will see the Question Factory, an option that will allow you to submit your own questions and get them approved or disapproved. Be sure to vote for questions as well so that you can have a say in what goes into the game, and for those that do get voted in, you can learn the right answers without having to add losses to your record. Find the achievements in the menu area as well.

Every time that you complete an achievement you will earn coins as a bonus, and the more coins that you have, the more power ups that you can buy. If you have a coupon code, you can enter that as well in order to earn more coins or spins, depending on the code.