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Easy pass. I went from excited to bummed in the matter of seconds.

Where are the Sunday Riley products?!?!?! Try again…. I was absolutely excited when I saw the name. Then I saw the price. I think Sunday Riley should stick to promoting their products in other subscription services. Luna Sleeping oil showed me instant results the next day after my morning cleansing routine. I might go for a round of samples before I buy it but ultimately will be doing so. Luna sleep oil is the only non proactive product in my skin care regiment. The company needs to do better promotion.

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If I knew all of their products worked like the sleep oil I would be sold. They put full size product into cheaper boxes, but this into their own? They should have just curated some special kits for those of us who love their products. I agree about SR curating special kits with her own products, what a great idea! BB: 6 Bkr bottles? What subs do those come in? Although it may be cheaper to buy 1 Bkr bottle and hair towel instead. Imho many of us are unimpressed with new boxes and some current boxes. We have such high standards for quality and the value has to be there before we ever decide to subscribe.

It takes work to impress us. Overly saturated market with no real loyal consumers. This is not a sustainable business model, especially when we consider inflation over time. No one wants their box price to go up, but they always expect bigger and better products. PopSugar used to be the pinnacle of the subscription box experience, but even they have been declining in quality.

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People have to temper expectations if they want subs to continue. My excitement level shot up at the mention of a SR box, then plummeted at the spoilers and price. I subscribe to way too many boxes already and have gotten most of that stuff. Timeline of me reading this post: -No way, a Sunday Riley box!?!?

Whelp, there goes my money. It really IS that bad of a deal. Wonder what other boxes I could subscribe to with all the money I just saved. This is such a terrible disappointment. I was so hopeful that this would be a true SR box, chocked full of their wonderful skin care products.

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Two sample sizes ONLY, in their own box? How in the world, or should I say where in the world did they pull that number out of?

Sunday Riley U.F.O. (Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil) Review

Wow, just wow. Oi vey. Sunday Riley, I adore you so, but not at this price. Way too expensive for what you get in the box. I would rather buy one drunk elephant full size product. It feels like they got too caught up in the theme. They should have had the two Sunday Riley products and one non-brand item like the hair towel at a lower price point. Got excited when I saw the title, but this is not what I expected. I love SR and would love to try more of their products, but what this box offers has already been received in other subs and probably in same size for way less.

I would love to see this box reviewed though and will keep an eye on how it is doing, but my money are that SR will either need to step up with products included in boxes or reduce the price; otherwise it will just not survive. Right now, I use the HUM Nutrition packets received in other subscription boxes and like their flavors chocolate mint and vanilla berry.

Wondering if this has a flavor. I too am disappointed by the spoilers and price tag. I adore Sunday Riley products and have found they work so well on my skin so I was very excited to see this. But at this price point and to be sporting the Sunday Riley name they had some big shoes to fill and this box does nothing to entice me.

I only hope the teams who assemble these boxes listen to the feedback of those who post on this site positive and negative! Interesting but way too expensive. However I do like the way the photo is labeled with the items. I agree with others comments- I was all ready to sign up- and then to see so few Sunday Riley products, with such a high price tag, just nope.

Other items are just filler it seems that we can or have gotten in many other boxes- I was hoping for a truly brand new box, especially at that price point.

The app product and crystal stuff is kinda odd. I am going to try the box for a year. I was excited …. For the price point I would want way more Sunday Riley products ….. And some are sunday rileys products. Why not stick with them instead of upgrading to this box. Hope their box will rethink the price point or add a very expensive item to their box. I actually think it would be difficult to design a box less targeted towards me unless you swapped the red nail polish which I do like for some neutral beige. I got so excited and then saw the price and then I was like wtf?

If they lower the price point or include larger sized items or more items it could be really successful. And that IGK hair gel needs to croak already and disappear from sub boxes. Partially so I can continue to buy Good Genes. But after seeing the spoilers, I quickly started breathing easy again.

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Not enough value for the price point imo. Preacher, meet choir. I could have written your exact post! Umm no. I love the idea of a Sunday Riley box, but at that price point? Help our customers gain access to thousands of US online stores and avoid higher international shipping fees. Save much more by consolidating several parcels into one shipment. Provide other services to satisfy your personalized requirements. Shop with U. Attention should be paid when your items are delivered to USGoBuy warehouse. Submit shipment request and pay the estimated shipping fee. About SkinStore.

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