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Switching broadband and TV provider is easy with bonkers. And that's all! A better broadband deal is only a click away. Which will you choose? More broadband resources. All broadband deals Broadband in Ireland. Reviews Here's what our customers say about us.

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Read all reviews. Compare, Switch, Save bonkers. Contact 01 hello bonkers. Find the best wifi plans and deals for broadband internet connection. Wifi is where you have a wireless network within your home. The advantage of buying it from your ISP is that the device often comes pre-programmed with your username and password so all you have to do is plug it in , and the company may be obligated to offer you technical support if any issues arise.

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Wi-Fi networks are ideal for people who have a laptop, notebook, tablet computer, or an internet-ready smartphone they want to be able to use in more than one location around the home. With a wireless network, multiple users can access the internet at the same time. Another major advantage with Wi-Fi is you never need to worry about tripping over an Ethernet cable.

Give the modem a few moments to find the signal. Once it has, it's lights will turn green. If it is flashing a red light, this indicates that it is still finding the signal.

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Once all lights are green, your home Wi-Fi should be good to go. Next, take any devices that you wish connect to the home Wi-Fi.

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Once you click on their "Settings" feature, you should be able to see an option to connect to the Wi-Fi. Your chosen internet service provider will have indicated a network name and a password, either on a card, on the modem itself, or both. If your Wi-Fi is working, this network name will be coming up a choice in your devices Wi-Fi settings. Select it, then enter your password. If you are experiencing any difficulties, don't hesitate to call the help line of your chosen service provider, and a staff member should be able to help you through it.

Wi-Fi is a method of connecting to the internet without attaching a cable from your modem to your computer.

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The Wi-Fi modem or router creates a Wi-Fi signal which is then received by the wireless device, thereby granting that device connection to the internet. Mobile broadband is fully portable - it can be accessed anywhere the modem is capable of picking up connection. Typically, mobile broadband customers can only connect one device at a time; however, it is possible to buy a mobile broadband Wi-Fi modem. You don't need a landline for Wi-Fi, just a broadband connection and a Wi-Fi modem. There are also devices that combine broadand and Wi-Fi.

The best thing to do is to call the provider you are looking at and ask them to confirm availability at your address, and to see if they will offer you and discounts on their Wi-Fi costs. Different content uses up different amounts of data. But before you commit to any deal, your best option is to work out exactly what you need your home Wi-Fi for and how often you'll need it so you can find the provider and plan that best suits your needs which is something we can definitely help you with.

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ViewQwest also offers the same speed but is only available in a very small area. Other loans Car Loans. What are you looking for? FAQ Ask Us. Wired vs Wireless Internet It goes back to your lifestyle and preference. Contract Period: The contract period is usually 12 months and 24 months. Why Usage Habits Are Important? Ask Us About Broadband Have a question about broadband? Ask us in the comment box below. Still having trouble finding a broadband plan? Try SmartSearch. Just leave your details and let us find you the best possible deal. By ticking this box and submitting your information, you consent for us to process your personal information as per our Privacy Policy and to pass your personal information to the product providers.

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