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I still get it daily because I already stare at a screen all day at work and want to read actual print in the morning. The exodus of the older people means no one knows where the bodies are buried anymore in city government, or at the police building, and no one has back-door contacts. If they do have it, you never find out what happens later in the week. The horrendous digital portal, well acknowledged by most to be the worst in the industry, keeps anyone from wanting to read it on-line.

So who then is Gannett actually building the paper for? I delivered the Fond du Lac Commonwealth Reporter.

‘I’m not your n-word’: school guard fired for repeating racial slur | US news | The Guardian

We delivered winter and summer on bikes. Some friends delivered the Milwaukee Journal. When I was a kid we got two newspapers, the Journal and the Reporter. Still later they subscribed to the Reporter and the Chicago Tribune, because mom was a Cubs fan. After we were married and had a family we had two newspapers delivered to our home, the Sentinel in the morning and Journal in the afternoon.

I would get up at 5 every morning to read the Sentinel and drink coffee before getting ready to go to work at 7. Between 5 and 6 was my quiet, reading time. If you young people want to see the Milwaukee Journal from the glory days in the s, when it was in the top ten newspapers in the US, go to the main Milwaukee library and look at the microfilmed issues. Gosh, you could spend all day reading. Now we have a ghost of a newspaper. Maybe we will get a catalog tomorrow. Wisconsin Conservative Digest, which is actually Bob Dohnal, makes some nice comments I think about me above, but may leave a misleading impression when he says we campaigned together in with GOP gov candidate Bill Dyke.

I will admit that, unlike some reporters, I liked Dyke, who was very conservative and did, in fact, have a troubling prior association with some groups whose views on race relations were not what they should have been.

Brookfield and Milwaukee Suburbs Turn to Gross for the Most

Dyke, like former Sheriff David Clarke, liked to ride horses, even in public. Unlike Clarke, Dyke did not take himself over seriously and was nice to people.. He lost by a lot as Democratic Gov. Pat Lucey won a second term, but it was not as big a loss, perhaps, as most reporters expected. Here is an additional list of what the newspaper and online presence no longer have. I agree with the previous comments on poor online layout, annoying app layout, and sad lack of content. I am sad to see the decline in the past few years.

I do not watch TV news. One should not be able to read ALL the new news content in about five minutes each day, in a major city like Milwaukee, which is otherwise a vibrant and lively place. The JS keeps giving us less information but more errors. It is very disturbing. My family also used to get both the Sentinal and Journal. The papers lost some of their meatiness when they became the JS, but the JS still did a nice job of covering the news.

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Urban Milwaukee does a nice job covering local issues. Ken Lamke was great reporter for politics for the Sentinel then the whole Journal mess floored him. Actually Dyke lost by 5 points and the press was saying Bill was mad and made dumb mistake by running for VP on the American ticket. I have, for years, relied on the local TV news to keep me informed of the day-to-day news.

But I subscribed to the paper for the in-depth reporting and special sections, all of which are gone. Those days are gone. For what??? I get much better exploratory news from our local e-papers so why pay for an uninformative print paper? My mother, sister and I all worked at the Milwaukee Journal. They were reporters, I worked in Classified Advertising. I love to read the paper in the morning, holding it in my hands, much as I like to read a book instead of Kindle.

I am getting ready to cancel our subscription because of the cutbacks in the Editorial section, lack of substantial news, bad grammar and misspellings. It has become USA Today. It used to be ranked one of the top 10 newspapers in the country!! It will mean jobs will be lost by carriers, that is unfortunate. I wish more thought would have been put into the sale.

I worked in the Milwaukee Journal newsroom as a messenger in the early 80s, and part of my job was delivering mail to the beat reporters at City Hall, The County Courthouse, the Police Building, and the Federal Building,. All of them were vigilant tellers of the truth in our local government.

Well there is hope, a little expense, but hope called the Chicago Tribune.

It was difficult for a while but by then we were living in Delavan where for a price the Chicago Tribune is delivered to our driveway each day. Often as I read it, I know what a newspaper IS. One of those things that you only realize what it is when it is no longer there. I still feel the loss of the JS even thought I no longer subscribe. When I see its puny self at the grocery store it makes me sad.

I to delivered the Journal from the date of my twelfth birthday actually a few month before for three years. And after that I was a station captain and the night that a stack of 25 papers was two and half feet high was a night that I will never forget.

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I have often though that the addition of Christian Schneider and the right ward shift was in hopes that folks of that inclination would subscribe but I guess that grand experiment did not work. It is nice to know that Wisconsin Conservative has a name and that even he misses a decent local newspaper. Bruce by design or default you have the opportunity to create the online paper of the future for Milwaukee. There are many challenges to say the least.

Control being one of them, What gets published for starters. Take the abortion issue and if you can resolve the coverage of that for the sides then we will have a functional structure for news. The opinion is easy and maybe in a way healthy. Bob was and is fair, unsentimental with front office, coaches, and players. Had always hoped the surviving big city dailies could pool their resources to request vigorous anti-trust enforcement against Google and now Facebook.

The PE groups compete against each other. None of them wants to relinquish control over what little diversity remains, because then they become front-page news. The Monday, Tuesday and saturday papers are so small I have to use my binoculars to see it in my rural mailbox. I left Indpls before Gannett devoured the Star so never enjoyed the 2 issue days here as I did there. Cancelled MJS this year but should have done earlier.

The references to the Chicago Tribune and Indianapolis are worth expanding. I am a onetime Journal reporter who has regularly read the Tribune for decades. It too has shrunk, and the price has soared, but I feel I have to read it to know much of anything. On the other hand they have no local business page or feature page. Choose your poison, I guess. An example of its lack of local content in addition to the ones given above by others is this.

There was not even a mention of the game, On Thursday evening I received the e-version, and there was still no mention of the game-almost 24 hours after it was played. I feel sad for the paper. Now it is beginning to resemble the old Milwaukee Sentinel that had say 24 pages for everything. And around they were lucky to have 20 for all. Very sad. Be prepared, Bruce, for more work and more responsibility.

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  • I cancelled the Journal out this year but as a previous writer indicated I needed it to be able to eat breakfast. I really miss the late scores and stories of the Bucks, Brewers, and Packers. Finally I have been promised many times by Chris Stegman Journal head man that the Archives will return, that was two years ago and counting Gannett will not bring it back.

    They have cut the daily editorial page where almost every large city and many medium sized cities in the Midwest have not. Sadly, I believe they have gone too far. They are killing the paper. Even Gannett papers in Des Moines and Indy still have the editorial page every day. I just got back from Canada, papers there are also cutting back but every paper that I read still had at least op-ed pages daily. I have written a letter to the editor about their misguided recent decisions and they will not print it. And when will it be time to boycott the MJ and begin to build an alternative newspaper No small task but what is the alternative.

    Continued to be abused by a corporation who by the evidence does not care. The printing plant is worth??? Why do they behave the way they are. They are betting that Milwaukee does not care enough to stand up for itself. Profile JOIN. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Wilderness coupons. Watch this Topic. Browse forums All Browse by destination. Wisconsin Dells forums. All forums. Destination Expert for Milwaukee. Level Contributor. Report inappropriate content.

    Top Attractions See all. Wisconsin Deer Park. Noah's Ark Water Park. Wendy D. Werner, Lester and Charlotte's daughter, is currently Carpet Town's president. Today, Carpet Town is one of the largest retail flooring stores in the greater Milwaukee area, and it has repeatedly earned The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Consumer Analysis Award as the number one choice for flooring.

    It has also won multiple awards from the Metropolitan Builders Association, and is proud to be one of retail stores nationwide chosen as a Stainmaster Flooring Center.