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It's not as powerful as the full manual mode of more sophisticated cameras, but it does allow more control than most cheap cameras.

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The images the PixPro FZ53 captures have clean, accurate color and good detail, especially macro shots. With the zoom on the longer settings, the images become somewhat soft and fuzzy, though, especially at the edges of the frame. This simple but effective instant camera prints out your images on Zink paper; we didn't like the quality as much as other instant cameras, but the Smile's were good for the price.

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We liked its simple slide-to-open mechanism, as well as the ability to store images on a microSD card. Unlike other instant cameras, the Smile doesn't force you to print out every photo you take, which saves you a lot of money in printing costs. Read our full Kodak Smile review. If you are looking for a cheap camera that can handle most tasks but you don't want to spend too much, the FZ43 is a good value.

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Just don't expect cutting-edge technology; it takes MP images, has a 4x zoom and features a clean, bright 2. The FZ43 is powered by two AA batteries, which don't last long; ours ran out after a day's worth of moderate use. Photos taken with the FZ43 were good, with sharp details and bright but not overwhelming color. We did find that, like many cheap cameras, the image quality dropped at the longer end of the zoom range, with fine details getting a little lost in a soft haze at the edge of the frame. Still, it's a great bargain for those who want a simple camera to take snaps of the kids or to let the kids take snaps at the beach without worrying too much if the device falls in the sea.

As you might expect with the Polaroid name, the Snap is all about immediate gratification. Built into the Snap is a printer: After you've taken a photo, a copy pops out of the side of the camera in about a minute. The Zink print paper it uses is also available in a variety of colors, so it's great for scrapbooking or as a pass-around camera at a party.

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Apart from printing, it's a very basic camera. You get a fixed focus and focal length lens no zoom , nor do you get an LCD screen or any way to view the MP images it captures. The only buttons on the camera are the shutter, a second delay shutter, the print button and a mode button that switches between normal color, vivid color and black and white.

You frame the photos through a pop-up optical viewfinder, which also turns the camera on. The digital images captured by the Snap had reasonable levels of detail, but colors were rather flat. Video Max : P p x p Size: 3. The Elph is the predecessor to the Elph and costs less, but has a shorter 8x zoom lens, no Wi-Fi and no optical image stabilization.

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You still get a pretty good camera that shoots MP images and p video, plus a digital-image-stabilization system that compensates for small hand movements. Back to top. Title Mr. First name. Last name. To show you Currys PC World stores local to you, all we need is your postcode. Showing 1 - 20 of 36 results. Change location. Bridge cameras are very popular because they offer a colossal zoom range at a modest cost. To design a big zoom, though, the makers have to use a tiny sensor — and here Panasonic took the wise choice to sacrifice zoom range for better quality.

The Panasonic FZ uses a 1-inch sensor, and while the zoom tops out at mm equivalent, which is relatively short for a bridge camera, that's still plenty for all but the most extreme everyday use. We love the FZ because it delivers both image quality and zoom range - if you're looking for something a bit cheaper, the older FZ 0 is still available. Keen photographers usually go for a DSLR or mirrorless camera, but they also want something that will slip in a pocket for those days when the big camera needs to stay at home. Usually, that means putting up with a smaller sensor — but not this time.

There's also a built-in electronic viewfinder and refined touchscreen interface. The zoom range is a bit modest at mm, but there's nothing else quite like it. It's tempting for list this model higher up just for the value for money it offer, but it isn't the newest model and, as a result, doesn't have the topnotch performance of its newer siblings. The RX IV sits in the middle of the RX family, and while newer models beat it for burst shooting, autofocus and focal range, for most people this cheaper alternative would still serve them brilliantly.

The 2. You might want to pair it with a separate grip for better handling, but if you need a powerful compact to slip into your pocket — and you don't want to spend a fortune getting it — you'll find the RX IV delivers plenty.

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The ZS may have been refreshed by the ZS position 2 but don't let that put you off; this is still a fine camera, and its last-gen status means it's at a better price than ever. Part of its charm is that fact that it partners a large 1-inch sensor with a 10x optical zoom lens, which provides better image and video quality than other superzoom compacts, but with the flexibility of a broad zoom lens — not something many cameras can claim.

Read our in-depth Panasonic ZS review. Sensor: Full-frame The Q2 is a thing of beauty, and right now it's arguably the best compact camera around.

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It's not for everyone — not least because it costs a small fortune — but if you genuinely want the best compact you'll be hard pushed to find a finer one than the Q2. Leica hasn't compromised on the spec sheet, with the It's not the easiest to handle although you can get an optional grip and some may have preferred a tilting screen, but its build quality is near-faultless. If you're pining for such a camera in your life but can't quite find the funds, consider the previous Q1 model, which offers a slightly stripped-down feature set by comparison for a hell of a lot less.

Sensor: APS-C Why's that? Because, despite a few quirks, Ricoh managed to get a lot right, and it delivers something no other compact quite manages right now, namely the combination of an image-stabilized 24MP APS-C sensor inside a body that you can squeeze into your pocket. Other advantages include a high-performing lens, fast operation, a revamped menu system and understated styling to help keep you discreet when you're out shooting.

The fixed 28mm-equivalent lens won't be to everyone's taste, and the battery life is also disappointing, but for those who need to travel light and take great images, this is a very capable alternative to an interchangeable-lens camera. Back to School