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Cancellation within 24 hours. Cons: They switched a lot of seats around. I was supposed to be in row 22 and was pushed to the back of the plane.

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Cons: 12 hour delay due to mechanical issues poor communication no leg room very narrow aisle for beverage cart and passengers attempting to get to restrooms. Cons: Crew unfriendly. Flight attendants and pilots never acknowledged us or said hello or thank you. We compile tonnes of data for you Our service lets you quickly and easily compare results from hundreds of travel sites at once. Prices on airline seats, hotel rooms and car rentals can change frequently.

Several people may also be trying to buy the same travel option simultaneously. As a result, you may find, on occasion, that certain prices are no longer available. If you have more questions or if you have a bad price to report to us, please send us an email and someone from our team will get back to you promptly. Skip to main content. Find Cheap Flights to New York. Adults Youth Child Seat Infant under 2. Lap Infant under 2. New York All airports. Any month. The price shown for each flight will be the average for all passengers including any infants.

Compare vs. KAYAK all none. Flight 1. Flight 2. Flight 3. Flight 4. Flight 5. Flight 6. Book at least 3 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price. High season is considered to be July and August. The cheapest month to fly to New York is February. Enter your preferred departure airport and travel dates into the search form above to unlock the latest New York flight deals. LaGuardia acts primarily as a domestic outlet for travelers going to and from NYC. JFK, on the other hand, is more internationally focused and offers direct flights to destinations all around the world. Bogged down with work before your flight?

Featuring IoT technology, sound-sealed cubicles and secure WiFi, Jabbrrbox Work Booths offer an ideal working environment for travelers on the go. The ARK is an animal care facility that aims to bring first class flying service to all of our four-legged friends. Additionally, it provides quick transportation between any of the airport terminals for free.

What is the cheapest flight to New York? Which airlines fly to New York? Which New York airport is closest to central New York? Do hotels in New York offer shuttle service from the airports? Which New York airport is closest to downtown? How can Hacker Fares save me money? West Palm Beach. New York. Spirit Airlines. Tue, Nov 5. Trip: 6 days. Overall 5. Pros: We got there safely. Cons: That old saying Pros: Flight was on time. Crew was polite.

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Pros: Not much other then price. Pros: Good flight, on time, good crew. Read all traveler reviews for Spirit Airlines. Thu, Jan 9. Trip: 7 days. Overall 6. Pros: Nothing. Cons: The fees for the baggage are ridiculous. Read all traveler reviews for Frontier. Allegiant Air. Fri, Jan Trip: 4 days. Overall 7. Pros: Half empty and on time.

Pros: Everything was simple and it was cool that they let the staff wear comfy clothes Cons: Usb chargers in the seat, and free refreshments and peanuts. Cons: The flight was delayed 8 hours. Pros: The crew was fantastic! Cons: I wish there was at least a free beverage. Read all traveler reviews for Allegiant Air. United Airlines. Tue, Dec Trip: 5 days. Cons: Everything.

Cheap flights to New York

Cons: Being 3 hours delayed. Read all traveler reviews for United Airlines. Thu, Mar Overall 8. Pros: Great crew, fast, easy, no turbulence. Pros: Flight was on time and quick.

Crew was very nice. Great leg room. Cons: No problems. Read all traveler reviews for JetBlue. Tue, Apr Trip: 8 days. Pros: Very friendly and professional. Cons: Better options in economy for food. Cons: Nothing- it went very smoothly. Pros: Just ok Cons: Can't understand why it was delayed. Read all traveler reviews for Delta. Wed, Nov 6. Cons: Like a city bus in the sky.

Pros: Crew was delightful and entertaining- a great flight Cons: Reclining sears? Cons: The seats! Wed, Dec 4. Cons: Seating is cramped. Pros: Cheapest Cons: A seat that I could fit in, the only seats that are like humanly possible to be comfortable in - for an adult man that doesn't wanna manspread left AND right - is the bigger seats up front. Pros: Clean, flight attendants very kind Cons: The sits super uncomfortables. Cons: Flight was delayed for 8 hours. Mon, Dec 9. Trip: 2 days. But it's the cheapest flight, so I can't complain. Pros: The crew was amazing Cons: The seating was very uncomfortable.

Wed, Jan 8. Pros: Fast boarding. Pros: Crew was good, attentive. Fast loading Cons: App for check-in. Did not work the whole process. Wed, Jan Pros: Crew it was really nice. Cons: flights on time - no complaints. Maintenance problem made for a late push back, but they kept us informed and it wasn't to bad Cons: Seat comfortable, enough space, fast boarding. Pros: Boarding was quick, and we got to our gate on time. Sat, Jan Pros: The flight was convenient and on time. The crew was pleasant. Wed, Feb 5. Pros: Smooth flight, friendly crew, actual leg room Cons: Basic seat configuration.

Cons: Offer snacks or drinks on board. Pros: Nice passengers Cons: Take off time. Was 2 hours late. Pros: Cheaper Cons: More comfortable, better food items. Pros: How fast the flight was. Wed, Dec Pros: Plane was empty which led to quick take off and landing times Cons: Food and entertainment options. Seat room. Pros: Free Tv because of the delay. Cons: Hot as hell, AC terrible. Pros: Nothi g Cons: I've never been on an airline that has tv and charges for regular channels!

Wed, Mar Pros: The seat was comfortable. The price was not. Pros: Like that I had access to WiFi whole on the plane. Cons: Not charging for food or snacks. Pros: Everything Cons: I like everything.

Mon, Nov Pros: Good pilots. Pros: Crew was friendly, boarding process was easy, and the aisles are spacious Cons: The seats do not recline and are not comfortable. Pros: Nonstop flight. Wish it was available year round! Pros: Short flight but not comfortable and no entertainment Cons: Most flights to Vegas are cheap so not sure why this one was so expensive.

Wed, Feb Is it likely to drop in the next month? Thank you! They are a very good deal. I would buy them asap. Great tips but still wondering what to do about this trip with specific dates. Purchase now or wait? When the flight is months away or because we are traveling in the summer and the height of summer the prices will just continue to increase and should I just book now? Not great, but not bad either. Could it come down a little?

But it could go up a lot more. Great article — thanks for the info.

Flexible where you fly? Search nearby airports for bigger savings.

Would you say now is the time to book that flight? Carol Tabor. Hello, I am trying to book premium economy seats from Boston to London in July. Each non stop ticket costs about Do you think the prices will go down? They seem high. Thank you for the great article and the links. Last year I noticed the tickets are a little bit cheaper compare to this year.

Would you suggest to wait a little bit closer to May or should I book now? Thin Aung. Hi, Great article. A question please. We are planning on going to Orlando from the Uk on the 20th October for 2 weeks 3 adults and 1 child. Thanks, Nicki Johnson. No guarantees, but I would wait. We are a family of 6 traveling from Singapore. Do you think I should book now or wait? Nice article. Lots of great tips. I would book something soon personally. Hi What a fabulous site! Love it! I am planning a trip from London to Denver in July to visit family.

After reading your advice I am tempted to wait — it is 9 months away — and just keep an eye on prices. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! If it were me I would wait a little maybe until the lull after Thanksgiving. I have enough miles for all 4 tickets on British air. But fees and taxes are killing me. Just crazy. Do the fees and taxes ever go down? You are likely flying via Heathrow or Gatwick which both have high taxes. Hello, I liked your article.

I have a question. I was wondering how probable it is for Singapore Airlines to lower their fare? So what do you recommend? Do I wait? Thank you Lisa. I have to travel India on 2 December. Should I book now or wait for booking till September. Considering December is busiest month, is it worth waiting?

We fly every year and never pay anywhere near this for this much. Do you have any advice as to when we should book?

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Thanks Wendy. Oh and of course lots of S fares available but not letting me book them. Do you think they will come back down? Why would they not sell the remaining S and T and L fares? I agree. I would wait and I bet those seats become available. I recently had a similar issue with Delta seats. Prices can do anything, of course. Thanks again! Hi David, My family is going on a cruise. Should I take the gamble and wait, or would if be best to book now? Thanks, Katherine. Hi David. Should I wait or purchase now?

Hi David! Thank you for doing such thorough work! And, keeping it updated. I am wondering if I should follow your suggestion and wait until early next week to see if sale prices are published Monday-Wednesday and buy my tickets then. From your experience, what would you think might occur?

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Should I buy today or wait until early next week to see a sale? I went through and checked the actual airline websites and their fares are higher than Expedia, Travelocity, etc. Yes, they will probably just keep going up. Maybe wait until Monday or Tuesday and then buy.

Also, use a different browser to check prices. Price was USD for 2 persons, purchased June. I would appreciate any comment you have as to this increase and later pricing. David Anderson. I have seen higher fares for some flights I was purchasing. But they came down after I waited a few weeks. So, perhaps have a little patience. No guarantees but it worked for me. Very helpful information! I am flying with my family of 3 from Las Vegas to London at the end of June. The tickets right now are almost round trip. That seems high. Should I wait until they are closer to ?

I was hoping for something around Is that possible?