Coupon dumpster diving

I use digital coupons and the Kroger freebies. Occasionally I use Ibotta and Savings Star. I subscribe to the emails and the deals come to me! I do go to stores during a shopping trip but I only shop once a month, then pick up produce and dairy as needed.

I have found that with a coupon Staples or Amazon are the most economical places to get toilet paper in bulk, plus it comes right to my door! I do still use coupons but it is a simplified process. Each person has to weigh the savings vs time and money investment for themselves along with how much they like or hate using coupons. I felt the article was long and too much detail. Hence I scrolled your page instead of reading it all. Rarely do you get coupons for fruit,veggies,meat,milk,,the staples of the house. I like you clip clip clip anticipating using and saving tremendously.

Yea huge,,,. Hi Laurie, Thanks for your comment! I think there is already a general consensus that saving a few nickles and dimes the face value of the coupons is a waste of time. Long hair now. No hair colors, no hair cuts. Save there too!! I buy ingredients, not processed food. I use coupons all the time and shop sales. A friend brought me 40 newspaper inserts, and I buy one paper each week. I furnish 3 children, dil, sil, and 4 grandchildren with toothpaste, toothbrushes, and the bar soap and deodorant of their choice—mostly free or for pennies.

No paper products ever come into my home. I give all the inserts after I get what I want to a friend who uses them for her church food bank. I also use a store that doubles and often triples coupons. The Walmart here will price match stores in a 50 mile diameter, places it is too expensive to drive to for a couple of dollars savings. Use coupons smarter instead of discarding the whole concept.

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Shop sales and stock up that way as another money-saving strategy. Like anything, coupons are a tool, a concept that needs to be mastered.

The Dirt on Dumpster Diving

Going overboard or discarding the tool will not save money. By the way, I often have a long, enforced wait that is not very fruitful. So, I take the coupon inserts and a pair of scissors. I never spend more than 10 minutes each day of time I could be doing anything else. I go to the farmer to buy sweet potatoes, 40 lbs. I picked pecans from the ground for free. My friends give me figs.

One person gave me pears after the pear tree on public property was ripped down by a tornado. Up until this year, I raised tomatoes for my own use. Last fall I raised turnips for the greens. I made jam from my grapes in the yard. I make jelly from lots of fruits. I grow my own herbs. I even raised a few potatoes last year.


One year, I gleaned beans and tomatoes to can. I have a dehydrator and dehydrate bananas, celery, carrots, green beans, peppers, apples, figs—all gotten at incredibly low prices or free. I can put 15 lbs. They are snack along with pecans and chocolate chips. I make my own mixture each day. Cayenne peppers made ground pepper for me as well as pepper jelly. I make yogurt in a freecycle yogurt maker. I can also make yogurt in my Excalibur dehydrator. My two hens give me fresh eggs that I freeze in the summer for use when they are not laying in the winter. A half-pint jelly jar hold five eggs, just enough for my chocolate pound cake.

Plus, eggs are a good source of protein and keep me from getting hungry and hypoglycemic. I totally agree. I shop the store that doubles and triples the coupons and then I use price match for all the other sale items at Walmart if the sale is cheaper than Walmart. I always buy discounted milk, bread, cheese, produce, and meat. Was able to get many. A common sense approach to couponing is only a small part of the big picture. I agree. In Canada it is not possible to get the same type of coupon deals.

You really have to read the fine print and when you get to the store. You may have several coupons to use to get the savings but if the store considers your current visit as your purchase then you will walk away only saving on a single item. I have gone to a store with several coupons for the same product and have had to walk away using only 1 coupon for 1 item. I would have to go back several times in order to use all the coupons I had collected.

A total waste of my time. We do utilize the price match policies of certain stores to avoid traveling out of our way. That save a lot of time. Planning our shopping around the specials of the week. I always use coupons. I will not stop. I get toothpaste, razors, shave gel and deoderant for free. I also have found coupons for organic stuff, canning stuff etc. I work full time and can from our garden. I get my paper, cut them all out and exchange the ones I dont use with my friends who give me their unwanted.

And I price match! I have either the app or an ad to back up my price. Digital coupons are great, too. With a big family, it helps having extra. We are cereal eaters. We stock what we use, then I donate it to the local shelters or the church pantry, even the school. Using my Rewards card at the grocery store helps, too. I keep my rewards card on my keychain and can scan it right when I begin. Even Auto Zone has rewards. I put a lot of miles on my vehicle commuting to work so I change my oil frequently. Take a coupon, leave a coupon.

Came to the same conclusions myself. Would like to add one thing. Last year in a walmart I was in the 20 items or less line with 2 things to buy. All lines were long, but there was only one woman in front of me, and lots of customers behind. The woman in front had a cart pretty full of items, looked like 10 or 20 of each item.

Oh well, should go fast, right?

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No way. After it was all rung up, she pulls out competitors ads and coupons!! The poor cashier spent the next 40 minutes yes, I timed it figuring it all out. After 30 minutes or so, a cashier opened up the register next to us, took me and those behind me to help. I asked the cashier why they let this happen in the 20 item or less aisle, she replied that they do not enforce it.

At which time the woman with a thousand items wheeled around and layed into me! Most recycling bins are easily accessible so you want to ensure that your information is not being picked up by a different kind of dumpster diver. Before you run out and begin dumpster diving it is important that you know how your local laws apply to it.

The last thing you want is a ticket or fine for trespassing, invasion of privacy, etc.

Extreme Couponing- Dumpster Diving for Coupons

Once you have the all clear you are ready to experience the art of dumpster diving. Dumpster diving to add to your coupon quantity is quite simple; all you do is sift through the recycling bin contents searching for the Sunday supplements. While many individuals think that you actually have to dive in, I never have and I usually obtain plenty of inserts in a few minutes just from reaching in from the outside of the bin. I also always make sure that when I leave the area, it is as clean as or cleaner than when I arrived.

I close the lids on any of the bins that I opened and I pick up any items that fell or blew out and return them to the bin. Below is a photo of my most recent dumpster dive. Both bins were filled to the brim as the next day they would be emptied so this was a nice quick dive, less than ten minutes total.

The practice of sifting refuse from an office or technical installation to extract confidential data, especially security-compromising information "dumpster" is an Americanism for what is elsewhere called a "skip". The technique is still rumored to be a favourite of crackers operating against careless targets. Experienced dumpster-divers not infrequently accumulate basements full of moldering but still potentially useful cruft. Source: dictionary. You have heard folks talk about it, so now you want to read more about it. Let's begin with are you willing?

Scenario 1: You are driving down the street and see a perfectly good object on the curbside. Are you willing to stop and toss it in the trunk? Scenario 2: Your neighbors toss out their newspapers in the recycle bin. Are you willing to pick up extra coupon inserts from their bins? Scenario 3: You are bored one night and looking for something fun to do.

Are you willing to venture into dumpster diving for cheap entertainment? If you are still reading this, you have either done this before, or are considering trying it out. Each person has their own preferable time to dive, but I recommend early morning or late night. Don't dive after midnight to avoid confrontations.