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Most customers find that their products are not worth the price — even at the low prices charged. There are many reviews that are accompanied with photos of hair falling out, tangling and becoming brittle. A lot of customers also complain that the hair pieces have split ends. Virgin Review also reports that there is a lot of speculation that the company may be sourcing their hair from China, and that the hair that is used to manufacture their hair pieces is made from scraps that are sourced from India and then processed in Chinese factories.

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These hair scraps are often chemically processed, and often also treated with silicon. All of the processing makes the hair less natural and also causes its quality to decrease significantly. Even though Queen Virgon Remy sells a lot of hair pieces to users, many of these customers are first-time customers and do not return to buy more from the brand.

These weaves are affordable, but a lot of people report that they use cheap hair that has been chemically processed, so it is safe to say that this is an affordability versus quality buying decision. The company has the following styles and textures to choose from: Brazilian hair Malaysian hair Peruvian hair Eurasian hair Cambodian hair Mongolian hair Russian blonde hair Russian black hair The company offers a lot of different looks for each of the hair types they manufacture. Search for:. Product Type. Hair Texture.

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Lace Frontal. Hair Grade 8A Premium 7A. Category 13x4 Lace Frontal Lace Frontal. Here is very detailed information on hair extensions How to care hair extension correctly? Hair extensions, not only hair extensions, all the items, shoes, cars, computers need the care regularly to keep it last long time. Hi girls, I have exciting news today, I am starting to create and upload videos of the hair and also will upload videos of new hair, how to's, chit chat and much more.

Browse our new additions of celebrity style hair extensions! Remember me Log in. Lost your password? Grade 12A Double Drawn for thicker hair from top to tip. Treat yourself to the most luxurious hair and create the perfect look.

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