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The good news is, we can. So-called discount wireless carriers allow you to use the same amount of data, minutes and texts as the big wireless companies offer; you just pay less.

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Ting offers a coverage map on its website that will give you an idea of what service is like in your area. Plans: Ting follows a pay-what-you-use model, using tiered pricing. Use your phone on Wi-Fi most of the time, and your rate may be even lower.

8 Republic Wireless Coupons

There are specific rates for international calls, messaging and data, depending on the country. The phone, however, must be compatible with the Sprint network.

Is it right for you? But after 1, minutes and about 1 GB, your tiered plan is about as pricey as any plan with a major carrier.

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You can potentially save even more by sharing your plan with someone who has similar usage habits. But this will pay only for Wi-Fi access. Phones: Your phone choices are limited. In fact, there are only a handful of Motorola smartphones you can choose — the Moto X, for example. While these phones might not be as sought after as the iPhone or Galaxy, they have most of the same features and functionality.

Republic Wireless Coupons & Promo Codes

But they do have their limits. None of them supports tethering, for instance. Republic is a top-notch option for someone who is almost always around a Wi-Fi network. Republic also is a great option for anyone who uses their phone more than most, and can really benefit from those unlimited plans.

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After reaching a certain data cap, depending on your plan, Cricket will slow your data transfer speed, unless you opt to pay for additional high-speed access. This plan offers 2. Customers are not required to sign a contract. T-Mobile announced its Black Friday deals last week , but with a few days before the offers become available, T-Mo has decided to amp up its Black Friday sale.

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Starting Thursday, November 24, T-Mobile will give you a free flagship smartphone from Apple, Samsung, or LG when you trade in a qualifying device that you own in full. The deal will only be available this weekend and requires either a T-Mobile One or Simple Choice Unlimited … [read full article]. Rather than putting on a costume or finding a good turkey recipe, though, some folks are gearing up for the big shopping holiday that is Black Friday.

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There … [read full article]. Now T-Mo has rolled out some discounts on Samsung flagships, too. With the … [read full article]. After amping up several of its previous Un-carrier moves, T-Mobile is now focusing its attention on amping up the holidays.

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