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To reduce heat flow the box has to close as firmly as possible to keep the warm air inside. On the other hand, the box should keep the pizza from getting soggy, so that the crust and the covering are crisp on arrival. Pizza boxes made of single wall corrugated board that are not equipped with additional insulation cool the transported pizza down too far after just ten minutes.

The oil in the pizza dough can extract some of the essence in the cellulose when in contact with untreated corrugated cardboard. To prevent a change in the taste of the pizza through the material of the pizza box, and simultaneously to stop the cardboard from getting soggy, the pizza boxes have a thin coating of aluminium foil on the inside.

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Another possibility is to lay the pizza on either aluminium foil, a mixture of corrugated cardboard and blotting paper, or waxed paper. However, this changes the thermodynamic properties of the pizza box considerably. The pizza crust cannot give up any humidity downwards, meaning the layer beneath does not only impedes fat from trickling down but also steam. In the US, many pizza boxes include a spacer made of heat-resistant plastic usually polypropylene placed in the middle of the pizza called the pizza saver also known as "package saver", "box tent", "pizza table", or "pizza lid support".

There are special padded transport bags and boxes for delivery. Some of these bags can be heated in order to keep the temperature at the desired level. Mostly, they can either be plugged to a socket or powered by the 12 volt car battery.

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This means that the insulation of pizza boxes themselves is less important. Carry bags insulate best when their lid is connected to the rest of the bag on one side and the remaining three sides can be attached to lid by a zip. A bag can contain about three to five pizza boxes. The pizza boxes by Pizza Hut in Morocco and other countries have a thermometer indicator on the outside which color codes the temperature of the pizza inside.

When the pizza is hot, the indicator shows the words "HOT" in red letters on a white background. One variation to the traditional cardboard pizza box is the reusable box. It is made out of recyclable plastic, is round or square has a variety of cover options with vents. They can be hand-washed, by dishwasher or commercial cleaning to be used used over and over again.

An advantage to this new variation is that there is no taste absorption from corrugated cardboard. Another variation is biodegradable or compostable boxes mostly made out of sugarcane or bamboo or plant based materials. There are several variations in the marketplace as with their cardboard counterpart.

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  • Most variations noted of pizza boxes support the same carry methods, stackable and nestable both unused and with enclosed pizza. There are no known differences when using a transport bag or warming bin.

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    Where cardboard is usually delivered flat requiring 2 storage areas for unassembled and assembled boxes, most of the new variations only require a single area of storage. DIPN is used as a solvent in certain kinds of paper. These can be part of scrap paper which is used in the manufacturing of packaging like the pizza box. Direct contact or evaporation can transfer DIPN from the packaging onto the packed food, contaminating it.

    Especially food containing fat like pizza with a layer of cheese can absorb DIPN.

    Still, paper contaminated with DIPN must not be used in the food sector in order to minimise danger of contamination. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the computer enclosure design type, see Pizza box form factor. Main articles. Pizza varieties. Louis-style pizza Italian tomato pie Trenton tomato pie White clam pie.

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    Cooking variations. Coal-fired pizza Deep-fried pizza Grilled pizza Pizza cake. Pizza tools. Frozen pizza brands. Related articles. Similar dishes. Main article: Pizza saver. In: The Atlantic. Juli Tunick, Container, U. Patent 3,, Archived at the Wayback Machine erteilt am You should definitely give it a try on your next visit. You can also find these coupons online on our website!

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