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Thank you! I'll check them out, but I have never seen inserts in them. We'll see how that goes!! Thank you all for your help! You, sir, do not have a pair of testicles if you prefer drinking from glass. L9: Master. I buy two usually a week. So, I tend to be late on getting the local paper.

The local paper could produce more papers and bring in more money for the Sunday paper, since they're cheaper. Also, neighbors who don't remember or have time for coupons , family co-workers, or friends. They are good sources for the inserts. My local recycling always collects the coupons from people that actual take the time to bring them in. But, it sounds like they give them all to just one family that is in really big need of them. I think few people bring them in.

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I though of volunteering there just to score some inserts. During a garage sale last year, in my web listings. I posted to bring in coupons for some free items. But, there were 0 takers on the deal.

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I've heard some papers have free Spanish version that have the same exact inserts and the English version. I've heard of people going to their local newspaper office and they have the inserts from time to time.

I will have to check out the local dollar stores to see if they sell papers on the cheap. Last edited by Springfield October 16, at AM. L Grand Master.

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We get something put in our paper around Christmas time containing a greeting from the carrier and his address. Not sure what I think about blatantly soliciting a Christmas "extra", but I guess it never hurts to ask and there is no other way I could know his info. In the worst case, you could wake up at AM or whenever they throw the paper and just flag them down. Most of the time I get them for "free" with RRs accumulated the previous week. I usually do not have time to do more than 10 of any coupon deal, so getting more is just wasting money. If I need more than 10 copies of a coupon, I'll get them off of eBay.

I have heard that the Dollar Tree sells the Sunday paper for a dollar, but there is not one near enough to me to justify the 0. I know there are places out there a la thecouponclippers. Ooh, an update. I had been calling Family Dollar and Dollar General up until now to find cheaper papers. In my area, Family Dollar doesn't sell papers, and Dollar General doesn't discount them. They open at 10 on Sunday and are very close to my closest Wags. Most likely, I'll be heading there on Sunday mornings and then hitting Wags immediately after. I'd still like to be able to buy just the inserts, so I'll keep looking for better deals, but this helps a lot.

L4: Apprentice. Quote from fitnessfan :. Quote from mymichelle :. L7: Teacher. I have to get there when it opens because they only get a few papers and they go fast. I tried tipping my delivery person extra money to bring me an extra paper, but that didn't work for long - I think the delivery person changed. I also have networked with family, friends and co-workers to get their inserts when they're finished with them. One of my co-workers buys about 4 papers each week. And some of the co-workers collect from their families.

I get an extra paper Sun Plus delivered to my house once a week that carries the Smartsource inserts.

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Some of my neighbors in my townhouse community don't pick up the one in front of their house some of the houses are vacant - more inserts for me! And the local paper Booster, Times, etc. If I'm over there, I pick up more! A few other stores around here do that too. I get most of my qs at a local q swap. Some of the ladies bring in stacks of untouched inserts. One gets them from the post office. She lives in an area where they send out the good Red Plums.

A few of the others have pooled their resources and buy uncut inserts from a seller on the East Coast. One lady gets hers from what's left over at the local convenience store. I tried that, but they told me they have to give the unsold papers back with the inserts. Page 1 of 7. Chronicle Books Coupons. USA Today Coupons. PeachPit Coupons.

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