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And of course hotel prices went up, as they do every year. Thanks to Small World Vacations for info. Remember that tickets are usually the biggest single expense in your package, and 7 day tickets cost only a little more than 4 day tickets. The Disney Dining Plan should be thought of primarily as a way of pre-paying your food expenses. Working every angle, though, means ordering only the most expensive items on the menu at every meal and eating at the highest-priced restaurants, which feels like a fairly significant constraint. Adding the Dining Plan to your package does allow you to prepay all or most of your food expenses except for tips , and frees each person to order whatever they want without worrying about the price.

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If that sounds like an enhancement to your vacation, then a dining plan may be a good choice. Read our view on the pros and cons of the Dining Plan. The Quick Service Dining Plan is not a great way to save money, but might be attractive for other reasons. You will be lucky to break even vs.

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The Deluxe Dining Plan is really luxurious, but for the average family it is also serious overkill. First of all, eating the included three full table-service meals a day is just too much for most people. Disney usually has a selection of discounts available to anyone, including international guests.

No special code or membership is required to use these, but there can be minimum stay lengths, blackout dates and other requirements. Valid for most dates between January 1 — March 7, Everyone on the package must be on the same plan. Be sure to compare packages both ways. As with all Disney promotional discounts, some resorts, room types and date combinations will not be available.

There is no minimum stay length. Discounts on some rooms and dates are higher if booked before January 1, You can also book this as a room-only offer. A limited number of Ultimate Disney Christmas Packages are available to book for those looking to have a very special Christmas celebration at Walt Disney World. This offer cannot be combined with any other discount or promotion. There is no minimum stay required in general, but some popular room types may have a minimum stay length to be eligible for the discount. Annual passholder packages can only be booked through a travel agent or via calling the Disney Reservation Center; they are not available online.

These offers are not always available and could end at any time. When a bounceback vacation package offer is available, you may be able to book a discounted vacation package accommodations plus at least a 1-day Base Ticket for a stay on selected dates at a Walt Disney World resort. Not all dates are offered, and not all resorts and room types will be included. To qualify, the reservation for your next vacation must be made before you check out , and there are no exceptions made. Your best bet is to dial x from your room phone and ask them if there are any current offers.

They do not usually know what the current bounceback offers are or how to book them, but they may know where a flyer can be found. The Disney specialist travel agency we recommend, Small World Vacations , gladly works with clients around the globe. They have many clients from the UK and Ireland. Unfortunately they cannot book UK-specific offers, but sometimes the American offers are a better deal.

Canadian residents can book the US offers listed above. They have many clients from Canada.

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Sometimes the Canadian offer will have a different discount code, but otherwise it will be identical to the US offer. If we learn of any specials for Canadians only, they are listed below. Small World Vacations can book most Canadian packages as long as you are traveling at least 45 days from the date of booking. If not, they will typically have the same room rates as Disney. You will usually have to do your own monitoring to make sure any better package offers that come out are applied to your booking.

Congrats to you all for getting to enjoy some savings. I also agree about the price hikes from the smallest to the biggest which have upset my own very large social circle as well as many others outside of my circle. I am excited about all of the improvements and expansions at WDW and I know all of this comes with a price. However, I also know that Disney has crossed the price gouging line at this point.

My family lives outside of Florida, we have annual passes, and go to WDW times per year … Until now.

Annual passes there are ridiculously cheaper than at WDW. That is crazy!!!!!!! I know when the new park at Universal opens they will probably hike up their prices some. I also know the economy is eventually going to tank for a bit and then everyone will be offering deep discounts and begging for park visitors.

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Business is business, I know. Sorry Disney … You lose big time with me and my circle!!!!! I am actually really excited about this option.

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This is a great option for us to save money since we start our days so late. I am loving this Mid-day ticket. Anything that would save me some money is a great thing. Same here! I mean we spend enough going there. I booked a room discount, so luckily it works out for us.

Discover everything there is to offer at Walt Disney World.

I might be the only one who seems to really benefit from the mid-day ticket. I have a daughter who refuses naps, so the only way to enjoy the parks at night my favorite time is to get on a late shedule. We sleep in, eat a VERY late breakfast, and get to the parks at noon or later and stay til closing. With the midday ticket, I can get a 4-day parkhopper ticket for the same price as the 3-day tickets we had.

This way, we can go to the park at noon on out Christmas party day instead of having to wait til 4pm. I love everything about this. Your email address will not be published.

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