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They tried Emerald on a job a couple months later and said it was essentially as good as Aura. Homeowner here that's painted the exterior and interior of my home, and used SW for all of it. Exterior looks brand spanking new even after 5 years. FYI, you can buy the paint during discount and wait to tint with color until you are ready to paint This also let's you take back unneeded paint too. As someone who is about to go back to SW for the 3rd time to get paint, this is a great tip.

Lowes vs Sherwin Williams store Paint Question : HomeImprovement

Oh that's really good to know regarding getting paints tinted later! I close on my house on Tuesday and want to get in and try some paint samples on the walls before committing to a color. I am not sure how it rates, I have used Sherwin a ton and it is great, but its overpriced. I used Valspar once the high end stuff and I will never use it again. The Behr premium plus ultra is excellent and the best value I have found.

I flip houses, and have used over gallons over time and I buy the Behr for my house. Valspar from Lowes is the worst paint, period. Holy shit. It goes on like Elmers paste, yet doesn't cover at all and needs like 8 coats. I can vouch for Behr Premium Plus. Excellent paint and covers like crazy! You can get that in SW stores, too, at which point I'm sure it's the same stuff. But at the stores you can buy up to the nicer stuff Superpaint, Emerald, etc. I'd choose the Lowes Ovation over any of their Valspar stuff, but I've had bad experiences. I think SW Superpaint is a good budget option. The handrail is pressure treated wood.

I just wanted to clear some things up on this review on Duron products. One product cost that much and that is the Plastic Kote Semi Gloss. What about Ultra Deluxe or Pro Kote? To the subject of coverage, there is not one product out there that is made to a dark color that covers over a different color in one coat.

Over the same color yes. But none do this in a color change. It is not meant that it covers in one coat.

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It contains alot of white pigment which helps it cover good over lighter colors or for first time applications. The comment about OCW covering with a brush but not with a roller cover……………………….? This is simply a user error. You are simply overloading your brush and not loading your roller enough or not using the correct size nap for your application. If you paint is tearing off paint on the wall with remover this is not due to the paint. You have either got way to much paint on the tape or you are not usinga good or the right tape for the job. Tape is used to protect other surface incase you happen to get paint on the other surface and to provide straight cut lines, not just paint all over and it just magically removed.

It sounds to me like you left your tape on to long and have to much paint on it. In the coments some had put that they scrubed the wall and the color came off with Duron Paint. Well make sure fist of all that it is a scrubable paint. Not all paints are scrubable. Duron is an excellent paint and is used and preffered by contractors all over the east coast.

I would have done this comparison in products a little more extensive with alot more then one or two products. I said the same thing. Need to know where you are planning to put the paint so you buy the right kind. I am really leaning toward Sherwin Williams pro series arcylic latex or a comparable Porter. Each has a dealer close to my house in a semi small southern town.

I think I will apply with a brush and roller, although I may be able to spray the doors outside. I know Porter wears like iron but go talk to the dealer they will answer your questions. I painted my computer room with their paint walls and trim. It still looks great.

I am planning to stain my deck which was built almost year and half ago with pressure treated wood. This is the first time I am going to stain this deck and I would like to get your suggestions on which company stain I should use. Have always used Sherwin Williams in the past and have had much success, will never go to Lowes again for paint. They all suck. But I can add something else for you to think about. I was looking for a durable paint and realized one of the reasons my paints fail is what I use to scrub the walls with.

One of my favorite cleaners is Simple Clean—but if not reduced enough, it acts like a paint remover. By the way, in full strength, it makes an excellent brush cleaner! I think it makes a difference in the performance of any brand of paint. There are certain colors, such as reds and greens that may be a little transparent, and multiple coats will be necessary. If you can see the wood grain or store name on the stick when you stir, get ready to be disappointed.

I was told by a pro that many times he will tint the primer gray to help with these problem colors. We did that on cars with different shades of gray primers many years ago, so it may be a good idea. Something else to think about. Just as important is preparation. I wish I had an easier way, too. I usually end up Behr, Valspar and recently Olympic hated it—bugged by weird tiny bubbles in it while I painted for most of the house. It has never peeled, washable and very mildew resistant. I think the jury is still out on the newer primer-paint in one, so I think I will pass on those for now.

If the temperature if cooler, I think you may have more runs. Always remember to look back over your work periodically no matter what the weather is. I just sprayed my kitchen cabinet doors and it got to 95 degrees in our shop. So, lesson here is to read ALL the directions. Originally they were washed oak.

I painted them a soft beige. The first time I sanded, primed and painted them latex and finished it with 2 coats of clear satin water-based polycrylic. Any suggestions regarding the type of paint. Either a latex or oil-based paint? What about using an exterior grade paint? Should they be finished with poly again or will it yellow from the poly?

Painting stinks. Get over it. I work with contractors and painters every day and hear the same thing: low VOC is crap. The coverage is extremely uneven, it takes at least 3 coats to get uniformity, and the color fades VERY quickly. Lots of people will pay more for something they think is better for them and the environment, and corporations capitalize on that. And who knows, maybe you saved an otter somewhere. No VOC paints have been around for over 20 years. I now own an independant paint dealership that I have worked at for over 30 years.

We mostly sold it to hospitals and nursing homes but it never was that popular and so was discontinued in the early ,s. But , most paint manufactures have already cut interior and exterior VOCs to or below. Why do people get so offensive to things that are GOOD. Why do people get so mad when we try to not hurt the place we live in…. I just purchased Valspar Tintable Primer and then got worried by the amount of negative reviews I am reading. The room I am painting is so pale gray it is almost white. The colors I am considering are all warm and rich colors, either in rust orange or some form of plum or red-purple.

Going for a warm autumn feel. I have not tinted the primer yet. I am very environmentally concerned, which is why we chose Valspar to begin with. Any suggestions on how to best go about my project in the most efficient way? I prefer the look of a matte or flat finish as opposed to gloss, but I am no pro and keep hearing varying opinions.

Is this true of Valspar? Horrible experience with Valspar. I bought 5 gallons of their premium paint with the extra primer in it thinking I was getting a top of the line product that would save me time and effort. When I called Valspar customer service I reached an outrageously rude rep. Terrible experience. Avoid at all costs unless you like being ripped off, insulted, frustrated and working harder than you should have to. I too have just purchased the new Valspar paint that supposedly had the primer in the paint already.

After painting most of my downstairs walls, I can honestly say that it is better to just break down and buy primer separately if you are painting over a darker color. The Valspar paint was too think to apply. When painting in different directions to cover the texture in my walls, the wet paint started pulling off the walls. Never will I buy Valspar paint again! Primer paint by Glidden.. Speed Wall…. I too, have had the best experience with Ralph Lauren. My worst paint is definitely the Valspar..

I had better results from my Walmart paint.. I am a long time Behr fan. I painted my bathroom a vibrant turquoise on new drywall 10 years ago. The Behr covered in 2 coats and has survived very well with the moisture and washing. I painted my kitchen in navy Behr about 8 years ago 2 coats on new drywall -also cleans up well, including grease spatters at the stove and water marks by the sink.

The color has never come off. I used Behr exterior last year to paint a previously redwood-stained picnic table.

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The lighter color again covered evenly in 2 coats. The only issue I ever had with Behr was the primer. I used it about 10 years ago. The primer did the job fine, but the odor was so bad that I was painting with the back door open in February — occasionally vomiting out the door. My son volunteered to finish the room and was not affected the same way, but now I ask him to paint any primer. I used the Ralph Lauren for trim in another bathroom — a darker raspberry color over previously painted white wood that I had prepped repainting.

Some of the trim took 5 coats to get an even, uniform finish. While the color was perfect when I finished, I have been hesitant to use it ever since. I am in the midst of repainting my fireplace and chose Valspar. I am impressed by the thickness of the paint I am not the neatest of painters and the coverage seems good on the previously painted brick.

The comments here are interesting. I used Ralph Lauren many years ago — I might be inclined to try it again. I bought the primer-paint mixture and painted most of the upstairs and downstairs of my house. I will need to re-paint everything because if you brush against this paint it will chip. After one year this paint is falling off my walls. Awful product and not worth the money or effort…. I have read all the comments about paint on this board. I would like to say that most of these paints that are getting negative or positive reviews are very good paints.

Behr and Valspar just to mention a couple. Do you know how many times I have had a customer complain about the paint and found out that they tried to paint over semi-gloss without preparation?

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My advice before you start your paint job get some advice from a professional. If you are not comfortable with the knowledge of the sales associate selling you the paint ask to talk to the Behr or Valspar rep. Dealing with someone who is asking for advice is a whole lot easier than dealing with someone who is upset that their living room looks like crap.

One more thing, I mentioned Behr and Valspar because they are purchased at a big box store and during the busy season, the associate may not have taken the time to find out about your project. Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams are usually sold at smaller outfits that have a more personal service. These are all very good paints and if you take the time to gain the knowledge you need, you will have success with any of these brands. About Duron: Professional painters and AAA members get a discount that is way below the retail price of the paint.

Also, I have found that the people who work for Duron are very knowledgable and helpful.

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They helped me choose the best paint for the job. We just decided to repaint our kitchen after about 5 or 6 years. Yep, gee, I was NOT satisfied on that end of it either. I use quality Roller Covers, etc. We decided to try valspar. We primed using valspar primer last weekend. Painted this weekend and it looks horrible.

We have used Behrin the past and never had problems. I now have try and fix this horrible paint… It is worth the extra 15 minute drive to Home Depot to save hours in painting. Over the years, it has a grey look to it, and I want to freshen up the room.

Valspar - Season Plus Exterior Paint + Primer

I was unhappy with the color that looked better on the swatch. The walls are a wheat color, so I may add a tint to the ceiing paint. I want the pink ingredient so that I can tell where I left off. So is it Glidden? Ralph Lauren? Why pay Consumer Reports for advice. Please notify me of followup comments via email, I forgot to click that box before submitting my comment just now.

I hired pro to paint my kitchen and the walls leading to basement I have checked every wall and the paint washes right off with just warm water. He did not prime the walls first. It was pittsburg speed hide since found out this is the cheapest contract paint you can get This was eggshell latex over latex. I had him to check to make sure it was latex and he agreed with my testing that it was indeed latex. And have I any recoarse to get my money back?

What a waste of money and labor! I called Valspar and got the run around. What about my time. I am disabled and it was very hard work for me. A Valspar rep was to come to my home 4 times. After waiting all day each time no one showed or called. I would never use or recommend Valspar to anyone. Wonder if a Valspar rep would show up then? I used a different brand in every room to compare, and every single brand had problems. I do it to keep it looking fresh, and all in all, if you put the time in, paint seems to be about the same. SW and BM use Titanium Dioxide… this is a much more expensive material resulting in a more expensive product… but also a better paint.

Bottom line is you really do get what you pay for. And about the low and no VOC paints… not all of these are terrible… most products right now simply removed all the good stuff in order to remove the VOC… this results in sub par performance. I had to keep a paper towel handy to wipe them off. I prepared the surface as required. The I put two coats of primer, and then two coats of paint, according to recommendations, except I allowed longer to dry between coats.

The salesman told me that the paint will completely dry and never be sticky if I used Valspar. The long and short of it is that I spent a lot of time doing that project. A week later and the paint was still slightly sticky. Another week, still sticky. All the drawers pulled the paint off the dresser where they made contact with the paint. I had set some items on top of the dresser and they stuck to it as well. I contacted Valspar but the response was that it must be me because no one else complained. But, he would give me a refund any way.

Chalk me up as another complaint about Valspar remaining sticky and tacky long after two weeks. I let the cabinet sit a week in my kitchen nook to cure before putting anything on it. I placed my decorator items on it, but about a week later when I went to pick them up to dust, the items stuck to the finish. They did not pull the paint off, but the color on the bottom of the items stuck to the Vaspar Clear Protector. I tried to rub the marks away with a damp rag, but they were absorbed into the Valspar.

I had to sand and repaint the shelves and top of the cabinet. Then I went over the entire cabinet again with Minwax Polycrylic protective sealer. The doors also stuck, repeatedly, on a tv cabinet where I used the same Valspar Faux Finish protector. I went over them with the Minwax and it solved that problem too. My items no longer stick, the doors no longer stick. But Minwax does not say non-yellowing on the can, which is why I decided to try the Valspar Protector.

For me, the biggest plus side of Valspar Protector is that I could use a high density foam roller, instead of a brush, and I would get a beautifully smooth finish without any air bubbles. It made the varnishing process easy and fast and the finish looked great. Less than a year later the cabinet had greyish marks all over it from normal use that would not wipe off.

I used Olympic flat true white one coat with primer paint to paint two bedrooms and their ceilings. I was not a happy camper. According to the can, there should have been enough paint in each can to do one room, and have some left over. One wall was an off white and the other a light yellow. Both rooms should have easily been covered with one coat. Also, the paint did not stick in some places, randomly, through the room and I had to go back over it. Also, even after two coats, you can see where the rollers traveled on the wall. No spattering, no roller or brush marks, no smell.

A friend described my bedroom as lush, not knowing that was the name of the color! The important thing is to follow the Aura instructions to the letter: Cut in the entire room before you start rolling. If you miss a spot, leave it. Probably was my fault. Choice of paint is sure a hot topic.

Skimming through the responses, I did not see anyone comment on Kilz paint. It was my top choice until Wal-Mart stopped carrying it. Hopefully, I will like it. But I cannot justify the price. Thanks for doing this I have to paint over a very dark blue wall come fall and I was worried it would show through.

It would be a waste of money to paint two times with different paint just to cover it up. My mother tried the regular non primer included Behr paint when painting her dining room dark red. She finally went to Duron and they gave her the correct primer and it only took two coats after that. Live and learn. For all the complaints about the smell of a freshly-painted room, try this before putting another drop on the walls: Add a tablespoon of pure vanilla extract or peppermint oil to your paint.

My first and favorite will always be Benjamin Moore. I had the pleasure to use their new color system on a recent remodel. It is touted to keep the color mixed in and be able to touch up. I can attest to your ability to do this. Btw… with good lighting one coat is all you need. It also washed well after week one.

I have this in my kitchen. I used the lower line Ben for the area below the chair rail. It also coated in just one take, and it was a cappiccino brown. I used this paint on the exterior and interior of our previous home and it worked very well. The kitchen paint was 14 years old and was still perfect. I painted it only because I wanted a change of color. All these rooms have been primed and this makes all the difference. True Value paint was terrible too. One gallon just sucked into the primed walls. It also ruined the tape joints.

My opinion is there is too much water in these paints, and it also sucks it up into the walls. Benjamin Moore. No fading, chalking, running, blistering, etc. It keeps looking great no matter what. You could see the color through it, and it took two coats. Lots of wasted time and effort, not to mention money down the drain. They are all poor quality and overpriced. Up until July you could walk into any paint store in the country and walk out with a good bucket of paint.

After july the paint world changed. Remember the price freeze President Nixon put on! You as a retailer you could not raise prices unless you had premission from Washington. Montgomery Wards pulled a fast one with their high quality super house paint. No price increase, right. Not a price increase but a new price. The race was on and has been going on for 40 years. Can you remember the first time you saw mildew on paint and did not know what it was or what caused it? Who is winning, not you! Dear Gary Smith, I would like to shake your hand, sir.

I am 50, and remember as a kid that many things, like painting, used to be a lot simpler. Paint in those days really did last 20 years. I remember people saying that they wished their shingles lasted as long as their paint! Enter the EPA, and you are lucky to get 3 years out of exterior paint now in Michigan. Anything they touch is a disaster.

As far as paint and this blog goes, very little has been mentioned about climate and conditions. What works great in South Texas might not do as well in Alaska. I worked on a military base in New Orleans where the humidity kept the paint the painters were using, from drying for almost 2 weeks. Our duct sealer, which normally dries in 1 hour, and cures in 24, was still wet 4 days later. A rep or paint expert in Arizona might be a desert paint expert, but who would I trust here in Michigan, him, or the guy who has been doing quality work locally for 30 years.

The local guy knows my environment. Enough said. For the price.. The flat enamel is amazing as far as appearance. Semi-gloss white is very durable and levels great.. First coat covers amazing.. Mildew resistant too!! Looking forward to more reviews on this HOT product!! What a great way to test paint coverage though. There is also a whole lot of glosses to choose from when it comes to this type. House painting would require a lot of your time, effort and a few bucks but most of all, what it rea…so much options that makes it already quite difficult for your to know what you really need.

With […]. I used Valspar to paint my living room. It bubbles really bad. I painted through college so I know how to work a roller. I tried two different roller covers and it still bubbles. Even when I brush it on I have to keep going over the paint to make sure the bubbles are out.

I have seen some paints do this and then bubbles pop and it smooths out but the Valspar dries with the bubble rims showing. I would suggest you avoid the Valspar. My walls look terrible. Iam planning on painting my mobile home in Fl. Any suggestions on type of paint to use It is aluminum,and I have been told that Behrs with primer is the best. Any comments? Never used Sherwin Williams. Recently, I helped my mom paint her new house. It took several coats to get the results she wanted. I made her buy a different brand after the first room. I would recommend Ralph Lauren paint way over either Behr or Valspar, but it might be harder to find.

And I recommend Valspar over Behr.

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My suggestion, forget Behr because it sucks. So I tried Glidden paint and primer in one. Highly recommend!!!! I would like to know what does mean the words on a bottle of remover for adhesive, the words are : contractor grade 8 fl. I hope you will be able to answer to my question, but I have never been able to find it on Internet. Thank you for your help. Yes, it is a measure of liquid. Eight ounces roughly equates millileters of measurement of fluid measure. It is a category of measurement. I am a professional painter.

My crew has over 1, years painting experience. Ralph lauren is over rated and RL gives arrogant customer service. We do not use too much S. Valspar is a good consistant product, so its not like we have a beef with box stores. Aura sets up very fast and could cause a problem for inexperienced painters. Just finished painting a room with Behr…never again.

It runs.. I plan to sand my walls down and repaint with my 1 go to paint…. I know Benjamin Moore is expensive, but will continue to use it. Always my number one choice is Regal Matte. Second choice is Cashmere paint from Sherwin Williams. Not a fan of SW Duration, but use it sometimes. One question that I hope someone can answer for me. I stripped wallpaper from my bathroom, washed walls, sanded walls, primed walls, and finished with two coats of Benjamin Moore paint in a low gloss finish. This was over a year ago. My walls have what appears to be runs all the way down them after showers.

These runs will not go away. If I wash my walls down with a damp towel, I can remove the runs, but they immediately reappear after showers with very powerful exhaust fan running. Has anyone had this problem, or any idea how to get rid of this problem? I have had this happen in several different rooms, all with different paint on the walls. I can see it on basement walls painted with a cheap flat paint that was put on by the previous owners. It also shows up on True Value semigloss in a bathroom wtih an equally good fan. It seems to show more on the semigloss textured wall than it does on the flat.

Did you tell them you were painting the bath room and needed a paint made for such a highly moist room? Call SW. See if they can help. Good luck. I have always had good luck with Behr, Glidden, and Dutch Boy, but when I did a bedroom two years ago, I decided to try Valspar, boy did I make a big mistake. It took three coats and three gallons to cover over virtually identical color walls.

Their ceiling paint was even worse, it should not take three coats to cover over white on white. I will never buy Valspar again. The same can be said about Sherwin-Williams paint, I used it 35 years ago and it took 9 coats to cover green walls. It left bubbles and looked horrible, so I never used it again, and never will. I will never use valspar paint again or recommend it.

A simple little s ratch will cause it to peel. We have used it with tape for stripes and removing the paint tears off the paint. With dark colors, if you apply it thick enough for one coat coverage, it tends to separate and run. Overall, it has very poor durability. Deals at grocery and drug stores, freebies, coupons, recipes. Thrifty www.

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