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I especially love the Mini Friendship with Ancient Dotted charm. The Mini Friendship with Ancient Dotted charm is elegant and authentic. The Mini Friendship wrap bracelet is great because many can also wear it as a super cute choker. The Mini Friendship with Ancient Dotted charm can also be worn as a choker for some. The Mini Friendship Silverplate wrap- add your charm choice allows you to pick which charm you would like to add. The Mini Friendship Silverplate wrap gives you the option to pick out your own charm, showing off the unique layers of you! It is also available in pewter and has the option for it be engraved for an additional cost.

Perfect for customizing your favorite wrap bracelet. Perfect for all you yogis out there is the Stamped Lotus Flower Pendant. This wrap bracelet is as versatile as your lifestyle and can be worn as a bracelet or necklace. Two looks in one artisan jewelry piece. The Eye Charm in Gold Tone is a beautiful charm. I love the gold tone look; I have one added to the clasp of my Lizzy Classic Goldplate wrap bracelet. Expressive artisan jewelry that is affordably fashionable and designed to be stylish and effortless. Keep an eye out on all the new releases this summer in the New Arrivals Artisan Jewelry Handcrafted in the USA Summer , no matter your budget, you will find something you will love.

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Your mother would be proud. The Mini Addison is a beautiful gift for all the mothers in your life. The Mini Addison leather wrap bracelet features gorgeous braided leather that is available in several different shades and colors. The Mini Addison silverplate shown in natural antique brown. The bright and beautiful metallic teal leather shown on this Mini Addison silverplate.

I love the option to go bright with these leather colors and give any outfit the extra pop of color. Or the option of the many beautiful earth tone leather colors that can incorporate with just about any outfit. Mini Addison shown in goldplate. With wide crescents, it has an elegant look that can be easily dressed up or down.

Designed to be worn as a bracelet only, but some also wear as a striking choker necklace too. It is available in sterling silverplate , 24kt goldplate , or gold and silver. They also look great stacked with other wrap bracelets. The Mini Addison is artful and authentic, just like your mother. This original wrap bracelet is so easily customized and is like giving two different pieces in one gift since this can be worn as a bracelet or necklace.

The Girlfriend "add your charm choice", allows you to choose your charm separately. The Girlfriend "add your charm choice" with added tourmaline pink crystal charm shown with Love wrap in metallic fruit punch leather. The stunning Girlfriend wrap bracelet in goldplate with Tree of Life charm. This wrap has a similar crescent and bead design as the Girlfriend wrap and allows you to add a charm. MIni Friendship shown with added Black Crystal charm. The Mini Friendship wrap with ancient dotted charm in gold plate.

However, this wrap bracelet has less leather as it can only be worn as a bracelet, and is a great look if you love the sterling silverplate crescents. This is a great stackable wrap bracelet and comes in a huge selection of leather colors.

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It is also available in an organic cotton cord. Mini Friendship in cotton cord with peace sign charm. The Mini Friendship comes in many different colors and can be customized with your favorite charm. This wrap bracelet is a great way to show your mom how special she is. The Mini Friendship is also available with 3 beads too. You could also consider the Mini Juliette. This wrap bracelet is available in purple , black , and metallic silver round braided leather. It can also be worn be some as a choker too.

The Mini Juliette stacked in black , and metallic silver. What I especially love about these wraps is the different colored glass, hematite, and mixed metal beads used for each leather color option. It really gives each Mini Juliette wrap bracelet its own unique vibe. The Mini Juliette shown in metallic silver. The Mini Juliette can be worn as a choker for some. Shown in metallic silver. They also look really cool stacked together with the different leather colors. The beautiful Mini Juliette shown in purple braided leather.

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They look great with any wrap bracelet. The Bonnie Anklet comes with an ancient dotted gold charm. Click the photo to look at the whole sterling silver ring collection. I am just showing off a few beautiful artisan pieces here, but make sure to take a look at the whole Sterling Silver Ring Collection and Anklet Collection. You really can never have too many rings, especially if they are sterling silver too. I also feel like it can be impossible to find an authentic artisan anklet. These pieces, like all Lizzy James artisan jewelry, are designed to be stylish and effortless.

Moms are amazing! Why not give her a gift that reflects that? Give her jewelry as versatile as her lifestyle. We love you! You still have plenty of time to show your mom how special she is to you. And that you didn't forget to get her a gift this year. The Princess and Kristy wrap pair perfectly together! Charm your mother with the Mini Charmer Heart Trio! To help you this Mother's Day season, here are 3 simple Mother's Day gift ideas Instead of a potentially boring, pre-packaged gift set, consider upgrading her gift to a set of wrap bracelets. Let her show off the layers of her unique personality with a couple different wrap bracelets or choose a set of matching wrap bracelets as a symbol of the love you share.

Mini Addison shown in different color leathers! Matching wrap bracelets are not just for you and your mother but your daughters, grandmothers, granddaughters, stepmothers, stepdaughters, Great Aunt Sally, Matching wrap bracelets are inspiring and unique gifts. They are handcrafted just for you and your mother's wrists, no one else's. They are handmade in the USA, always.

The lovely Princess wrap is adorned with freshwater pearls, sterling silverplate crescents, and silverplate and glass beads. You can add meaningful charms and pick your favorite leather colors to design the perfect gift for you and the mom in your life. Lucky You! Lizzy James has a little Mother's Day gift for your wallet!

Give her a plant that is meaningful! Does she have a favorite herb or tea? How about some Lemon Balm? It is a traditional healing herb! Boil the dried Lemon Balm in water for 15 minutes for amazing benefits including relieving tension and depression. It is often used in potpourri too.

Lazy Human Short Cut: You can always get a nice ceramic potted plant one that does not come in the ugly plastic.. So then she doesn't have to do anything besides water and enjoy it! Instead of this typical date option, give her something she can remember the day by! A gift that makes her remember how much she is loved by the person who gave it to her. Why wouldn't you choose the original wrap bracelet for your Mother's Day gift this year!? Being a "Tree-Hugger" is nothing to be ashamed of! I love this planet and the incredible beauty it provides for us! Visiting "Giant Tree" in Rockelfeller Forest.

Designated the National Champion Coast Redwood for having the best combination of height, diameter and crown spread, it could be dubbed Big Beauty. Perhaps the largest redwood in terms of mass, it is in the park's Rockefeller Forest, the world's largest stand of old growth redwoods, 10, acres! It only will last one rotation of the Earth! The perfect way to infuse your wrap with Earthy vibes! Why not wear an expressive, artisan piece to reflect the natural beauty of this planet? An easy to use lobster clasp comes with this charm which allows you to put it on where you want, and take it off when you want!

I go camping and hiking often and do my best to only take photos and leave footprints.

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You will see photos from some of my favorite adventures with Mother Earth! Exploring Fern Canyon! Go outside! Even if it is just in your neighborhood, go enjoy the beauty that can be so easily overlooked! You don't need to travel! Look at some of these gorgeous plants and flowers that I found outside my home yesterday! Earth day really is about showing some love for your Mother Earth and all she provides! Earth day began on April 22, , by Senator Gaylord Nelson as a nationwide day for educate and spread awareness of environmental issues and conservation efforts.

Chipko members saving a tree. Men and women stood up in non-violent protest to protect trees in their villages from being cut down. They did this by embracing each other and literally hugging the trees so they would not be cut down! It started a huge movement to ensure an ecological balance and the survival of the tribal people whose depend on the forests.

Love this Stamped Tree Pendant! You can add it to any wrap bracelet!

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Luckily you can still show your love Mother Earth without having to literally hug a tree! There are plenty of ways to give back! Plant a tree! Plant some flowers! You can now have someone plant flowers for you! You can even simply use a to help the environment! We need bees to pollinate all the food we eat! But bees also need flower nectar to eat too! Luckily there is something we can do to help! Plant flowers! You also can plant your own flowers around your home! You can give your time to a local animal shelter or donate pet supplies!

Even show some love to your own animals! Just take your pooch out on an extra long walk! Lizzy James loves animals too! You will always see dogs running around the Lizzy James studio!

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It really can brighten your day! You can feel great about any purchase you make because Lizzy James proudly supports Hellen Woodward Animal Center, a local charity that reaches out globally to spread animal welfare education. Lizzy James feels so deeply about supporting this charity along with many other great charities all surrounding human health issues, animal care, and education! Check out the video below! I spy fluffy white dogs on the couch! Behind the Scenes Update: Keep your eyes out for the announcing of new charity giving very soon! For some Easter is a holy day of celebration.

It has also become a merriment of springtime, family gathering, oh and let's not forget the bright, spring accessories! Why not adorn this day with some expressive artisan pieces! The Easter sale is the perfect way to spring into the season! You can customize your Charmer wrap bracelets in different leather colors from our largest leather palette. The hardest part will be choosing which charms to place on your wrap bracelet! Add a few to show off the layers of you! So many new wrap bracelet designs for Easter !

You can see them all by clicking here! One that I am especially excited about is the Charmer and Mini Charmer wrap bracelets! They are such an elegant way to display your favorite Lizzy James charms! And they are exclusive to website customers only! A VIP treatment for our online shoppers! The Charmer wrap bracelets are designed to accommodate multiple charms you can customize your artisan jewelry. The Charmer wrap bracelet line is perfect for anyone who loves charm bracelets. Designed to accommodate multiple charms you can customize your Charmer wrap bracelets in different leather colors from our largest leather palette.

Let your true color shine with endless color options! Shown in natural purple leather. Embellished with silverplate beads and two freshwater pearls the Charmer and Mini Charmer wrap bracelets makes a perfect gift for moms and daughters who want to wear matching artisan jewelry! Make it uniquely yours by addinga Mom Heart Charm, available in gold and silver! And it's part of the FREE charm promotion! The Charmer with Heart Cross Charm Trio is a 2 strand leather wrap bracelet that can also be worn as a necklace.

This Charmer wrap bracelet includes three of the most popular charms; the puffed heart charm , the cross heart charm , and the black crystal charm! It can be worn as a necklace or bracelet. Two looks in one piece, this is truly a stunning piece of artisan jewelry. There are so many noteworthy pieces of Lizzy James artisan jewelry. Here are a few that are definitely worth mentioning!

Check out the new Mini Julie and Mini Chloe! You will get so many compliments wearing these! These spirited, strong, and beautiful designs are sure to please! The Mini Chloe wrap bracelet shown in metallic teal. I am completely swooning over the new chokers! I am in love with the Daniella and Luna Choker! The Luna Choker necklace is a single strand braided leather choker style necklace. Other gorgeous artisan jewelry is all over the Lizzy James website! A Lizzy James Anklet is the perfect accent to your favorite pair of springtime sandals!

Pair with your favorite wrap bracelet to show off the layers of you! The Gigi Anklet is adorned with hammered disc, heart and dangle charm. We have brand new anklets that allow you to add a charm of your choice too! Check out the beautiful Lola Anklet below! You get to choose which charm you would like to add! Each piece is a reflection of you! The possibilities are endless! Great ways to customize a gift for a loved one too! Perfect for your unique look! I especially love the Diamond Anklet!

So dainty and bright! Designed to be stylish and effortless. For all springtime accessories, Lizzy James has you covered with an ever-expanding artisan jewelry line, all crafted with care in California! How will you customize you next Lizzy James wrap bracelet to make it uniquely yours? For all New Arrivals for Easter , click here!

San Francisco Giants themed Lizzy James wrap! Opening Day is tomorrow! One of America's favorite pastimes! Accessorizing can be limited for sporting events like baseball. Perfect for supporting your favorite little league team! Whether you are in Cincinnati enjoying the Findlay Market Parade or tailgating with family and friends, these spirited wraps are a must this season! Perfect good luck charm for your son or daughter's team!

Its the perfect way to support your favorite team! Look at what Kelly K. I viewed it online for several months and saved up enough to finally get it Then they went in an 8 game winning streak. So I'd like to keep looking fabulous. Rooting for the home team: wearing Sterling Silver Caroline. And what better way to celebrate your favorite home team than with a Lizzy James discount! Here at Lizzy James, we want the best for you guys, which is why we have so many ways to receive deals and discounts year round.

It's important to us that all of our customers feels appreciated, so we're constantly sending out promotions via different channels! Keep reading below to discover just how to get the best deal on your Lizzy wrap bracelet and necklace. Nothing is better than helping a friend out, especially if it's a win-win situation, right? The Lizzy James Referral program is the perfect way to score killer deals while encouraging friends and family to join the Lizzy James family!

After registering via our website, all you have to do is share the promo code on Facebook, Twitter, or by email. Simply make an account at checkout or on the website to be automatically enrolled in the Lizzy James rewards program! Rewards are issued as coupon codes, and can be redeemed through the Redeem Rewards Page , which can be accessed through your Lizzy James account login.

We typically send out two emails a week featuring promo codes, fun videos, and information on collections and deals. Last but not least, make sure you're following us on our social media platforms to get the best access to promotions and deals! Feeling Lucky? Scroll down for discount code…. Other St. Holiday Gift Shopping Made Easy! Happy Holiday Shopping! Spoil Yourself and Save!! Hate searching for discount codes or waiting for special sales?

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