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They have also ensured that there is a reliable and friendly customer care team that is always at hand ready to assist and make your experience wonderful while on their site. They have ensured that whenever a customer contacts them they are treated with dignity and respect and that the query the customer has brought to their attention is resolved without delay. So make sure to take a tour through their website and discover about their dungeons, experience a wonderful weekend and share your experiences with your peers through social media.

The London Dungeons are not for wimps, if you believe that you are brave enough for a fun weekend then make sure to purchase your tickets beforehand.

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They have ensured that you can purchase a ticket without much struggle as you can do just this from the comfort of your home. They have ensured that you can pay for your tickets through major credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, Maestro and American Express. This is possible as they have ensured that there is a comprehensive privacy policy coupled with their terms and condition which guarantees that any information shared by their customers is not shared with other third parties but instead stored safely and securely.

Take advantage of their offer for a discount on all purchases on their tickets online and save money. Also get the advantage of not waiting in line when purchasing your ticket. So make sure to log in to their website and get your ticket from the comfort of your home, have that smug smile when you see other people waiting in the queue for tickets.

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You can also subscribe to their YouTube channel and get the opportunity to watch the videos uploaded. Take advantage of the convenience being offered by London and dungeon and browse through the different activities being offered.

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Tour their sites and have fun in London. They have ensured that they have provided a wonderful place where customers can have fun with their families and friends or just lose yourself in an adventure inside London. If you think you have what it takes to endure the scary and dramatic scenes in the dungeon then make sure to purchase a ticket through their website and be among the first people to discover a wonderful experience right at the heart of London.

The London Dungeon is a location by the London Eye where you can learn the history of London through an immersive experience that puts you and your family into the London experience. See full on sets with gripping story telling. Watch the 18 interactive shows with 20 live actors going over years of history. See state of the art theming and special effects.

Go on 2 awesome underground rides.

The London Dungeon Attraction Review

This interactive experience is a great way for tourists or school groups to experience history without being bored. Check out different attractions such as descent, the tyrant boat ride, guy fawkes, the torturer, the plague doctor, sweeney todd, witechapel labyrinth, jack the ripper, the judge and more. In 1 day Travelcards for zones were withdrawn, the cheapest Travelcard is now a zone Travelcard. So do factor this price penalty into the savings you are making on the 2 for 1 tickets. The vouchers you print from the website link at top of page have expiry dates. The promotion is long standing but attractions supporting do come and go.

You can print as many vouchers as you like from the website, the only limit being that you can only download up to 3 vouchers per attraction for up to 6 people, at any one time.

You can though add as many attractions as you like. Stations often have vouchers too, but they may not have the vouchers you want so it's best to print from the website.

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  • Vouchers are normally for walk-up standard admission, not fast track tickets - though do read each promotions detail page to understand exactly what is on offer. There are now a few attractions in London where you can book 2 for 1 tickets in advance from within the promotion website. By 2 for 1 it means that two people can enter the attraction whether they be adults, children or seniors for the price of one adult admission - though again do read the detail page of each offer.

    When you print the voucher from the website you will be asked things like travel date, station from which travelling, address etc. Don't get hung up about it, if the date or station proves to be incorrect it doesn't affect their acceptance. You purchase your tickets to these attractions direct from the 2 FOR 1 web-site banner link at top of page , not through the attraction website or a third party. If you are not already registered you will have to register for 2 FOR 1. After selecting the buy online option you will typically be given a unique promotional code and switched to the attraction's own website and taken through a special ordering process.

    Most of the attractions available this way are the busiest ones and you are prompted to select the day you want entrance and the entry slot often a 30 minute window of time. You pay for the tickets there and then. Note - you will still have to show your qualifying rail tickets on arrival. Whether or not your train tickets are accepted for 2 for 1 is a major talking point for our 2 for 1 discussion board see link above. Precise rules beyond a simple return round trip train ticket to a London terminus railway station are not set out and attractions do vary widely with the degree of scrutiny checking the rail tickets and their interpretation of the rules.

    Make no mistake you will not have problems with a straight forward return round trip ticket into London, this includes the airport trains from Luton, Gatwick, Stansted and Southend Airports. The issue arises for visitors who do not naturally require a rail ticket or a railways issued Travelcard for their travel needs in London and still try to qualify for 2 for 1 at as little expense as possible.

    The most common questions on this are dealt with on our 2 for 1 discussion page , but at the end of the day the person selling you the ticket has final say on whether they accept your railway tickets for the promotion. As a quick overview the following types of tickets are valid for the 2 for 1 promotions, it is worth noting our above commments about how sometimes this results in confusion for overseas visitors who are looking for the cheapest way to qualify for the scheme.

    Use these as a guide and check our FAQ on 2 for 1 if you are still unsure. These are currently the tickets valid for 2 for 1, some of which will not be applicable for the overseas traveller: National rail orange paper tickets including Adance, Anytime, Off-peak, Super Off-Peak and Travelcards purchased from a National Rail station only. Print home or Mobile tickets m-tickets for travel on National Rail services these are the tickets that show the National Rail logo.


    Carnet tickets, Season tickets, Annual Gold cards, Gold record cards and Train company issued smartcards. These are currently the ticket types advertised that cannot be used for 2 for 1: Oyster Cards, Freedom Passes, Contactless payment cards or mobile payments, Transport for London issued Travelcards, inc those bought on visitorshop. London Underground issued tickets, including Travelcards are also not valid for this promotion. The London Pass is a flat rate sightseeing pass to many but not all of London's main attractions.

    You can buy a London pass for 1, 2, 3, 6 or 10 day durations. It gives you entry into around 55 London tourist attractions. You have paid a set sum per person in advance and then you just show your card at the entrance or ticket office of any attraction included on the London Pass, they will swipe it through a card reader and you will be allowed entry, some attractions you will get fast track entry. You can also opt to have a public transport pass, the Visitor Oyster Card included to get you around London.

    The London Explorer Pass

    You can have the London Pass shipped to your home address for a shipping charge or you can collect the tickets in London for which there is no charge. If you choose to collect your order in London you will need to print and bring with you the London Pass voucher which is emailed to you on completion of your online order. The collection point is off Trafalgar Square which is geographically the centre of London.

    Which attractions support the 2 for 1 scheme? The 2 for 1 offer is not limited to attractions, there are opportunities to use this scheme at theme and adventure parks, galleries and museums, on walks and tours, boat trips and cruises, theatre tickets and restaurants. Can overseas visitors take advantage of 2 for 1? Travelcards bought from any other outlet are not valid. Oyster Cards are not valid either. Other points about the 2 for 1 promotion The vouchers you print from the website link at top of page have expiry dates. Each person covered by the voucher needs a valid rail ticket or Travelcard as detailed above.

    A note about acceptance of rail tickets for 2 for 1 qualification Whether or not your train tickets are accepted for 2 for 1 is a major talking point for our 2 for 1 discussion board see link above. Which tickets are valid for 2 for 1? Every effort is made to keep all our information correct and the advertised prices up to date.

    We endeavour to be as accurate a source of information as possible but Travellers Toolkits cannot be held responsible for any price differential between our stated prices and those of the companies supplying the product or accuracy of information provided on our sites. Original Tour. Golden Tours. Guided by coach. Harry Potter. Westminster Abbey. St Paul's Cathedral. Buckingham Palace. Kensington Palace. London Explorer. Skip the line. Popular tours.