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Soft-touch synthetic camouflage stock. Accelerator breech plug is easily removed by hand. Dual safety system.

CVA Accura V2 .50 Cal MuzzleLoader unboxing & Shooting Review!

Includes a factory-installed and boresighted Nikon x40 Inline XR muzzleloader scope with calibrated BDC rangefinding reticle for shots out to yds. Scope is waterproof, fogproof and shockproof. Includes Traditions neoprene sling and deluxe soft, padded gun case. Post a sproblem Please Login or Register to post a problem. Ask a question Please Login or Register to post a question.

Traditions Crush Vortek StrikerFire Muzzleloader - Reviews, New & Used Price, Specs, Deals

E-Mail Address. Password Forgot Your Password? Posted by Colton Bailey. I hate to wish life away, but once summer comes into full swing, hunting seasons begin to creep more into my mind.

CVA Accura V2 Nitride Muzzleloader Package Offers a Lot of Bang for Your Buck

Not that they ever left--ask my wife--they just become more prevalent, especially when it comes time to apply for fall tags. I recently applied for my Illinois whitetail muzzleloader permit, and also contemplated applying for a Colorado elk muzzleloader tag with some buddies, so you could say things are getting pretty serious.

Since hunters everywhere are going through this same process, I figure many of us are looking into purchasing muzzleloaders to fill those tags. This is the Konus pro scope package they offer. Ships as it looks in the video.

  1. CVA Accura Thumbhole LR Muzzleloader w/Konus Pro x44mm riflescope.
  2. Blackhorn 209 traditions pursuit.
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Extremely surprised by how much I like the scope. Ready to see some big bucks hit the dirt! CVA offers many different packages at different price points. But for everything you get, including quality of the V2 and the accuracy the thumbhole stock brings, this package is the best bang for your buck. The Bergara barrel is made from high-quality grade stainless steel, and has quickly become recognized as the most accurate production barrel in the world.

And, while many of the world's most highly regarded centerfire manufacturers use the Bergara barrel on their guns, only CVA offers them in a muzzleloader. The thumbhole stock gives you a ton of control and allows you to really dig deep and hold firm for repetitive accuracy. Not to mention, the rubber coating texture on the gun gives you a firm touch almost like a sticky pad. They are shuffling through the latest Park Rapids snowfall and snapping twigs on the way to their deer stands.

Muzzle loader deer season is open and many of us are still out there trying to get a shot at the big buck we missed during firearms hunting. Take a moment to re-connect with mother nature and enjoy what god has created.

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Welcome the crisp, cold air and make the best of what is going to come; ready or not winter is back for another long visit. Jared, Drew, Josh or one of the other SHOS employees will get you outfitted with what you need to put some venison in the freezer should a deer walk within range of your muzzle loader. Pictured: a small pond in Park Rapids forming ice. This Ice Castle Ice Jacket will keep you warm and dry!