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If military personnel purchase tickets and give them as gifts to non-military users that they will not be accompanying, they risk having the recipient denied entry and the tickets confiscated. Employees of large companies, major government agencies, or large membership groups like unions or professional organizations typically those with plus employees or members may qualify to purchase discount Disneyland tickets, regardless of whether the company has any direct relationship with Disney.

Tickets are offered through private websites operated by various ticket suppliers that service large organizations. A password is required to access those sites. If you work for a company that is a major corporate sponsor at Disneyland i. Check with your Human Resources department for additional info.

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Additionally, employees of companies that have a business relationship with Disney sometimes qualify for deep ticket discounts. The American Automobile Association is subdivided into regions, with each region having a different independent affiliated club. For the very latest information, you should always call your local club or check their web site to see what they offer. Obviously, you will need to be a member of AAA to get these discounts, but in many cases, a club in one region will allow members in other regions to take advantage of their discounts.

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You may need to show an ID with a Southern California zip code in order to purchase the tickets. These discounts can come and go as Disney evaluates their various corporate and affinity discounts. Many universities in Southern California offer Disneyland tickets and Disney California Adventure tickets at a small discount for their students. If you are a college student, check with your Student Union.

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Some California credit unions may offer discount Disneyland tickets to their members. These deals are getting fewer and further between as Disney has been slowly reducing the number of deals it offers to corporate and group clients. Still, if you belong to a credit union in California, be sure to inquire about this.

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Australian and New Zealand residents can purchase a special Disneyland ticket that is not sold at the parks: a Day Disney Vacation Pass, which is basically a Day Disneyland Park Hopper ticket, including one Magic Morning admission. Typically this ticket sells for only a few dollars more than a 5-day Park Hopper, making it a great deal for longer trips. Not all agents list the Disneyland tickets on their web site; you may need to call to get prices and buy the tickets.

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The price of Disneyland tickets purchased in Australia and New Zealand is adjusted periodically to conform to the current exchange rate. Thanks to Paula S for info. Did you pick up your bundle!? Use promo code on all ord….

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Today's Coupons Discounts added within the last day. Popular Coupons Most popular discounts over time. Newest Coupons Current coupons just added to the site. Featured Coupons Coupons for popular featured merchants. Verified Coupons Coupons tweeted by retailers themselves. Influential Coupons Promotion codes shared by influential users. Register for classes. Privacy Protecting and honoring student privacy. Career in a Year Become career ready in a year. Eligibility Dependents of full-time employees who are licensed by the Tennessee Department of Education and employed by any local board of education in Tennessee are eligible immediately after hire.

Dependents of full-time employees who are employed by the executive, legislative or judicial branches of Tennessee government are eligible immediately after hire. Dependents of state employees who retired with at least twenty-five 25 years of full-time service with the state of Tennessee are eligible. Retired public school teachers are not considered retired state employees for the purpose of this discount. Dependents of deceased state employees who died while a full-time employee of the state of Tennessee are eligible. Dependent children are defined as: Natural children 23 years of age or under Stepchildren 23 years of age or under Legally adopted children 23 years of age or under.

The classes must be credit classes. Auditing a credit class is allowed. Non-credit courses are not eligible. There is no limit on the number of credit hours enrolled per semester. Early registration is allowed. State of Tennessee Employee Fee Discount State Employee Discount Form Full-time employees of the State of Tennessee are eligible to enroll in one course per term with fees waived on a space available basis.

Eligibility All full-time employees of the State of Tennessee executive, judicial or legislative branches and members of the General Assembly are eligible after six-months of continuous service as a full-time employee. The status of the employee on the first published day of classes each semester determines eligibility for the entire semester.

Employees are not eligible for fee waivers at more than one institution per term.

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Auditing a credit class is NOT allowed. Early registration is NOT allowed. The employee cannot register for the course until after the priority registration period. Please refer to the Timetable of classes for the each semester. Incomplete forms will be returned to the student and waivers will not be granted until completed forms are returned. Forms are available by clicking on the above link or forms may be obtained from the employee's workplace or from the Cashier Office. All forms must be signed by the employee and his or her employer. Forms not signed by all parties will be returned.

Employer certification should not be obtained before the following dates for each semester: July 11 for fall, Nov 11 for Spring, and April 11 for Summer. Forms for each semester must be received by the Cashier Office before the end of the semester for which the discount is being requested. The forms must be submitted to the Cashier Office at the time of payment. Forms will NOT be accepted by the Cashier Office or applied to a student's account until the date specified in the Timetable of Classes.

The balance of fees due after the submission of a fee waiver form must be paid by the published payment deadlines to avoid the deletion of the student's schedule. If at anytime during the semester the student is determined to be ineligible to receive the fee waiver, the student will be responsible for paying all the registration related fees. Failure to pay could result in the deletion of the student's schedule for that semester or delay enrollment in future semesters.

The waiver pays all maintenance fees for one class up to 4 credit hours per term. The campus access fee and any other special course fees such as culinary arts, music, etc.

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