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Are these knives tools? Are they works of art? Also yes. Each blade has been hand-forged from high-grade Damascus steel, which gives it a unique flowing pattern, and boasts a remarkably hard edge that's designed to last years and years. Want to prep food like home cooking queen Lucinda Scala Quinn? You'll need this Mad Hungry -approved knife set, which includes a paring knife, a birds beak knife, a micro-serrated utility knife, and a chef's knife. These elegant, ultra-precise knives sport blades that have been cooled with nitrogen for extra hardness and flexibility.

They look really cool, too: Each one has a surface pattern that alternates between matte gray and silver. We're partial to this three-piece knife set from Chefs Foundry for two reasons: One, their blades are made from zirconium ceramic, which is 10 times harder than plain old steel. And two, the company will provide a meal to ten hungry Americans via Feeding America for every set sold.

What's not to love? We're using cookies to improve your experience. You will also get a blade cover for protection when ordering it on Amazon. All ceramic models can and will chip, crack or break if improperly handled or dropped on hard surfaces. Aside from this particular aspect, the lightweight Cuisinart knife is extremely sharp and ideal for slicing through veggies, fruits, and even boneless meat.

But what if you want to get the least expensive model there is without wasting your hard-earned money? However, Faberware remarkably boosts the value of this budget knife even more by adding a self-sharpening sleeve to the package. The sheath has a built-in ceramic sharpener that will hone your blade every time you slide it in and out of the sleeve.

Kitchen Knives (चाकू) Online at Amazing Prices on Flipkart

Not all customers are satisfied with the Faberware , specifically because of its build quality and sharpness. What you should focus on is the value you receive, from the nice balance to the multiple applications. You can even use the knife to cut through various types of meat, like steaks or chicken, all while preventing wrist fatigue.

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According to the manufacturer, the Kiritsuke has an award-winning design, inspired by the tips of Japanese swords. The premium triple-riveted Pakka wooden handle is laminated for extra durability and a non-slip grip. If you already have some cooking experience under your belt, you might want to upgrade to a larger chef knife.

The Imarku knife also comes with a pretty, felt-lined box, making it yet another one of the best chef knives under 50 dollars for gifts. You can easily use this model to cut, mince, dice, chop or slice foods, from fish to vegetables or meat to fruit. Marie, our in-house chef, has some amazing recipes here:. With a 4. However, the fact that the knife will flip over when submerged in water makes it a serious safety hazard.

Although the one-piece construction is cleverly thought out, multiple users have complained about the oddly-shaped handle being quite uncomfortable.

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You have a myriad of models to choose from, but we want to recommend you one that will go really easy on your wallet. Most customers are satisfied with their purchase, judging by the average 4. Furthermore, it comes with a plastic blade guard that you should always keep on when the knife is stored away.

The Best Kitchen Knife Sets on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

Unfortunately, some customers have complained that the knife is a lot larger in reality than it seems to be in the product pictures. Even though the company states this model is dishwasher safe, we encourage you to always wash and dry your cutlery by hand. Also, it is reported to dull rather quickly, so you may want to buy a knife sharpener as well. With a 5-inch blade, the knife can be maneuvered with ease by all customers, regardless of experience. The most prominent design feature with any type of Victorinox cutlery is their signature Fibrox Pro handle.

The 5-inch blade makes the Victorinox Fibrox Pro a fabulous entry-level chef knife or a fine choice for cutting in detail. Setting these reports to the side, you can trust the Victorinox Fibrox Pro for countless applications, all without the added stress that larger knives come with.

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Companies may boast about their revolutionary features, but real customer reviews are what brings the truth to light. That being said, we have no doubts that the Mercer Culinary Genesis M — with its 4. Despite the fact that, at 8. The only apparent design flaw of this model, in particular, seems to be the high bolster, making some work positions slightly inconvenient. Mercer Culinary is a well-respected brand in the industry, with high-quality cutlery that can go head-to-head with big name brands for a fraction of the price.

This full-tang knife features a precision-forged and taper-ground edge, all with top-rated X50CrMoV15 German stainless steel. You may need to sharpen the knife often if you use it heavily on a daily basis, but this applies to all chef knives.

What to consider when shopping for knives:

The absolute best 50 dollar chef knife available. It ticks off all the boxes in terms of features we are looking for in a valuable chef knife, all while protecting our wallet. The overall length of the knife is 14 inches, while the weight is perfect to ensure excellent balance. In other situations, it might be classified as a heavier knife, but it makes slicing through thick meats, veggies, and fruits a breeze.

While we wholeheartedly recommend any of the models above as the best kitchen knives under 50 dollars, it all depends on what you specifically want out of yours. Daniel has a passion for knives. He even crafts them in his spare time. What to know the difference between German vs Japanese chef knives?

What to know what knife to use when cutting fruits? He can answer that in a second. Cuisinart is the best make when it comes to any kind of cooking supply that you can get. That includes the chef knives, and I find that the quality of their products is high and they are all long-lasting. That is what you want when you are cooking. The Faberware chef knife is definitely inexpensive but it works well considering that. Though like it was noted, I have had issues with it staining and it needs frequent sharpening.

Thanks for the feedback. We are also frugal sometimes and enjoy testing all products regardless of their price range.

Considering the price, the Mercer Culinary Genesis M is a high-quality chef knife and it is no wonder it was awarded as the best knife that is under 50 bucks. It is quite rare to use a knife that has the best quality for such a cheap price.