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I tend to like the flooring with a very slight amount of texture to it rather than a glossy surface, it tends to hide the fact that it's synthetic better. Get a plastic tapping block and a pull-bar for the installation.

The seams show despite careful installation, and the laminate surface is paper thin

I've bought with the underlayment attached and separate and don't really have a preference for or against either, though the separate underlayment might be better as a vapor barrier if you need one. Enjoy your floor. Jack Contact options for registered users. I put Costco down in 2 rooms in my house I bought over a thousand dollars of flooring on one coupon. The workers at Costco should be able to tell you when the next coupon will come out Todd H.

Contact options for registered users. Their thermal coefficient and feel is different, so bare feet will tell tell you from warmth and cush, but look wish, good quality flooring looks better than the red oak in my house without all the imperfections and irregularities and stains LOL. Keith Williams Contact options for registered users. The cheap stuff is crap and the nicer stuff is more expensive than some alternatives.

The only advantage of laminates I see is ease of installation for a DIYer. Only way I would even consider a laminate floor is if it had a Real Wood top layer of some thickness, so actual grain was visible. But even then, the faux 'board' lines and regular seams are quite easy to pick up. When I was house-shopping, one owner-'upgraded' house had laminate in the kitchen, and they had laid it like floor tile, with NO staggered seams.

Looked like shit, but he was SO proud of it, I had to just bite my lip and get out of there. That was a strong selling point on the house I bought- hardwood in the bedrooms, hall, and LR. Needs refinish, but plenty of wood there TO refinish, when I get a round to it in a couple of years.

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Quoted Text Here. Hank Contact options for registered users. You may get a good buy but what about problems down the line.

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Manufactuer still in business? How will problems be handled? There are three basic types of products: Laminate - A synthethic resin visible top that has an imprint made to resemble real wood over a wood core base that is never seen. Engineered Hard Wood - A thin real wood veneer top over a wood core base. Hard Wood - Solid real wood. Some people do refer to the engineered products as laminates, as that is actually how they are made.

But these are way different than the products usually referred to as laminates. A good engineered wood product looks just like real wood, because that's what the top layer is. They come in varying thickness, good ones can be sanded just like solid wood, several times if necessary over time to refinish it. Plus, having an engineered core, this product has better performance with regard to shrinkage, warping, etc. Beantown Contact options for registered users. While I think anyone would prefer real wood in most circumstances, sometimes it's just not possible for a variety of reasons, such as what's already in place in the room, budget, etc.

Use every months to keep floors looking their best. Bona is the worldwide leader and innovator in hardwood flooring products for professionals since We do not currently ship to Canada, but if you call us we can tell you about our retailers near you. You will then be privy to coupons, valuable tips, and info on new products.

We do not offer samples of our products. If you notice some streaking as you are cleaning, it means your cleaning pad is filled with dirt.

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If your floor gets very dirty you may not be able to clean the entire room before your cleaning pad gets filled with dirt. They know the chemical makeup of their products and will know the best methods for removing them. The products work beautifully in any home or office situation. It is not the same product as Polish. Click here to find a Pro Series retailer near you. Please refer to the attached grid. FAQ Where is my order?

How can I track it? Where can I find Bona products?

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    Are the cartridges for the Bona Hardwood Floor Mop refillable? Do I need to dilute or mix Bona cleaners with water? What is Bona Hardwood Floor Polish? Does Bona offer other products for my hardwood floors?

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    Do you ship to Canada or have retailers in Canada? Do you have coupons or free samples of your products? Do you do animal testing on your products?