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Meet the Mother Hens of Handsome Brook Farm as they share not only their recipes but also the challenges and rewards of being award-winning, awe-inspiring, world-renowned restaurant owners and mothers! Instead of having one huge farm with countless hens, we work with a series of small family farms with smaller flocks.

That way, we can ensure our farmers get the fair wage they deserve and our hens have all the space, attention, and love they need. Freed from the confines of cages, hens on our farms can scratch and scamper the day away. All that fresh air and sunshine keeps our hens happy—and happy hens lay the best eggs. Our farmers handle the farming—we handle the logistics.

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Ready to see what really sets our system apart? These unbeatable eggs come from our organic-fed, pasture raised hens. Find them in stores. There's always something fresh coming from our farms.