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Everyone who flies with Ryanair has to check in online. That's right: everyone. Lots of people forget and are forced to pay a 'boarding pass reprint fee'. Oh yeah, did I tell you?

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Check in online! Note that Ryanair has started putting an advertisement pop-up over your ticket when you first view it online. You must exit this before you print. And use the Ryanair app to check in, then there's no need to remember your print-out. Ryanair's highest fee, so worth drawing a lot of attention to.

If you misspell your name by one letter, or even if you write 'Rob' when your passport says 'Robert', you'll be charged when you reach the airport. If you make a mistake, consider rebooking. All airlines charge for excess luggage , but Ryanair has the lowest baggage allowance in Europe 15 kg, 33 pounds and the highest excess luggage fee too.

They will allow 20 kg 44 pounds bags for an extra fee, and you can take a second small bag for free on the plane. Be sure to check for changes to this policy on their website.

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Their excess weight is per kilo, or per 3kg 7 pounds when booked online. Weigh your bag before you leave.

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Ryanair is almost unique in allowing hand baggage of just 21 inches x 15 inches x 7 inches. So if you take your usual hand luggage bag, Ryanair may force you to check it into the hold. But be aware that even if your bag does fit the metal frame, they may still charge you. At the time of writing, Ryanair has 36 checked baggage fees.

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The standard checked allowance is 20 kg 44 pounds. Unfortunately, Ryanair does not actually always offer this service, even when you've paid for it. Ryanair's head of communications, Stephen McNamara, described this breach of contract as 'a trivial, non-issue'. But this is one example where easyJet charges a lot more than Ryanair. At least easyJet's priority boarding works. When paying for your baggage, make sure you select 'no' when asked if you want the priority boarding service.

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Ryanair's travel insurance is a lot more expensive than that offered by most insurance companies, while its cover is considerably less comprehensive. Ryanair's insurance falls well short of this. No, you shouldn't buy it. Friday and Sunday are peak times and peak prices. Instead they check in between two and three hours ahead of their flight departure. The last few people to check in are automatically put into these remaining seats.

The drawback? This only really works for individual flyers. Instead, be the very last traveller to board — and effectively give yourself the pick of any remaining empty seats. As the cabin door closes, the last person on board can scan the seats and, if any is unoccupied, take it, safe in the knowledge that no other passenger will challenge them.

They can grab the empty seat in row one or two and be first off as well. Again this only works for solo travellers. It also severely limits your chance of finding space in the overhead lockers, though peculiarly the chances are greatest in rows one or two as these may not have been sold. Currently, those not prepared to queue for ages and who board later than others almost automatically have their wheelie bag tagged to be put in the hold, and must therefore wait for it to reappear on the carousel at their destination.

10 Ryanair Charges and How to Avoid Them

But Ryanair agents almost never tag sports holdalls, which can easily carry the same 10kg allowance as rigid wheelies. Carrying a bag is obviously a pain rather than letting wheels take the strain, and when the new bag policy begins a large sports holdall is likely to be put in the hold along with the wheelies, unless you pay for priority boarding.

It will be interesting to see how much Ryanair enforces this. Obtaining your boarding pass can take as little as 90 seconds. Put your coat on top of that bag and your small bag under the seat in front. That way we all board faster. Food can go through security — you can carry fruit, vegetables and all solid foods in your hand luggage, although soup will breach the rules. Sites such as SendMyBag.